FMI Update 20/21 update! - Final Update

470957   158104   86  

The FMI Update is one of the most complete and most downloaded updates in the Football Manager community. This new update will change your FM20 to FM21!


FM20 Normalizer

31342   5274   10  

Stabilize some features of the game, from injuries to regens.


Real Fixtures 2020/2021 for FM20

29587   9196   10  

A pack with real fixtures of the new season 2020/2021 for Football Manager 2020. Created by the FM Fans community.


FM20 Sleeping Giants Awaken Database

23622   1010   2  

English, German, British, French, and Italian lower leagues are full of sleeping giants. Which one of them will you awake?


RB Bragantino in FM20

11407   1435   1  

Red Bull Brasil merged with Bragantino and new club is called Red Bull Bragantino. The merger happened in real life, but its not in-game yet, so this FM 2020 database does that.


FM20 Custom Start Date

45796   10980   27  

Start a new game from any month and any year from 2019 to 2029. Go directly to a future date when starting a new save on Football Manager 2020.


Football Manager 2020 Real Names Licence Fix

1465742   511022   207  

FM20 real names fix. Fix fake name of competitions, clubs and awards with their real names in Football Manager 2020. Fix works with your current FM 2020 saves. Updated on March 1st.

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