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The doors and windows in your home aren’t complete without stunning curtains that bring your interiors together. Urban Ladder offers many window curtains types, giving you plenty of options from which to choose. From door and window curtains to cotton window curtains, our collection is truly vast. We even offer curtains for specific rooms, including bedroom window curtains, kitchen window curtains, and more.

Our premium quality window curtains for home won’t just help you maintain privacy but also brighten your interiors. Buy window curtains online from Urban Ladder and furnish your home with our excellent curtains. Our door window curtains are available in different styles and colours and can easily blend in with your existing decor or stand out, depending on your personal preference. Apart from window curtains, Urban Ladder also offers a host of other furnishings. You can buy pillow covers, bedsheets, rugs, and carpets online across different styles and price points.

  • Choose Wide Range of Window Curtains from Home

    Window curtains come in a wide variety, and finding the right one for your home is crucial to creating a functional space. For instance, rolling curtains for windows and window blinds curtains aren’t your typical cloth-style curtains. These types of curtains are generally made from polyester or polyresin and are operated using a cord. Rolling and blinds curtains are more effective in blocking external light and offer complete privacy.
    If you’re looking for window curtains online, Urban Ladder has an excellent range from which you can choose. Browse our window curtains images, confirm the length and width of the curtains, and make your pick. Apart from home curtains, we also stock office window curtains, rugs, cabinets, and floor lamps to help you furnish your home office in the best way possible.

Explore Latest Window Curtain Designs

Urban Ladder offers an exciting range of versatile window curtain designs that can work well with any design aesthetic. Have a boho-chic themed living room or a mid-century modern bedroom? We have got the perfect window curtains for you. Our window curtains models are available in different designs, including floral, abstract, geometrical, classic solid colours, and much more. No matter your existing design aesthetic, we have window curtains that fit the bill perfectly.

If you’re struggling with finding the right window curtain design for your room, we can help. If your house has a fun and casual vibe, opt for floral curtains, and if your interiors are decidedly old-school and primarily wooden, neutral coloured or traditional curtains would work better. The key to finding the right window curtains is honouring your existing home decor and getting curtains that either complement or settle in with your interiors. Sourcing the right window curtain holder is also crucial to creating a seamless look, and you need to get holders that go well with both the curtains and the wall colour.

Take a look at Urban Ladder’s window curtain designs photo gallery and choose fresh new curtains for your windows and doors. We also offer small window curtains and other furnishing items, including table lamps, carpets, bedsheets, and much more.

Latest Window Curtains by Urban Ladder

Getting new window curtains for your home? The right choice can transform the look and feel of your home interiors while keeping dust and sunlight away. Urban Ladder has a fabulous collection of stylish window curtain designs that can brighten up any room in your house. Our window curtains are available in different sizes, colours, materials, and styles, and can be purchased in sets of two. Each window in your house serves a unique purpose, and you need to furnish it with curtains accordingly. For instance, you might need blackout curtains for your bedroom window while your living room window can do with classic cotton curtains.

Another important consideration when buying home window curtains is the quantity. You don’t want window curtains that need to be stretched all the way to cover the window. Instead, always opt for an extra set so that the entire window is covered without any hassle. Urban Ladder offers beautiful and durable window curtains online for your home and office. Yes, we also have office window curtains to help you furnish your workspace in the best way possible. Apart from window curtains for house and office, we also stock an exciting selection of furnishing and decor items, including wall mirrors, vases, wall lights, ottomans and stools, and more.

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    Window curtains add a whole new dimension to your design aesthetic and are available in striking patterns and colours. From basic beige window blind curtains to block print abstract living room window curtains, every curtain you choose can alter your interiors. While choosing the right window curtains might seem like a lot of work, it doesn’t need to be. Urban Ladder offers window curtains online in India across a wide variety of colours, patterns, and designs. All you need to do is pick window curtains you like and confirm your order. We’ll bring your chosen window curtains to you in no time.
    Apart from the living room and the bedroom, we also offer bathroom window curtains so that you can enjoy your showers in peace and complete privacy. With our excellent window curtain prices, you can furnish your home interiors without worrying about the cost. Browse our selection of window curtains right here or check out our furnishing and decor collection that includes study lamps, bed sheets, cushion covers, floor lamps, wall mirrors, and more.

Explore the Urban Ladder Window Curtain by Price

There’s more to window curtains than just their colour or pattern. The material used plays an important role as well and determines how much light enters your rooms. At Urban Ladder, we stock all types of window curtains, including sheer, semi-sheer, and blackout window curtains. Depending on how much light you want in your room, you can pick from any sheer option that permits the most light, or blackout options that let in the least.

If you’re going for a classic or rustic aesthetic, bamboo window curtains are perfect. These roll-up curtains don’t just keep sunlight and dust out but also keep your room cool. For a more classy vibe, you can choose from our exciting French window curtains collection. Other window curtains variants we offer are sliding window curtains and long window curtains. If you’re setting up a study or home office, we also stock short window curtains, office tables, office chairs, cabinets, and more.

At Urban Ladder, we take pride in the quality of our products. Everything from our beds and couches to window curtains and sofas are of the highest quality and designed to offer you the utmost comfort. Our window curtain prices are quite reasonable, and we have curtains available in different price ranges for every budget type. Buy window curtains online from Urban Ladder and take advantage of our great prices and an even greater selection of curtains.

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Frame your windows with beautiful curtains from Urban Ladder and give your home a fresh look. We offer a great range of window curtain designs, including traditional, geometric, floral, abstract, and many others. Make your pick depending on your existing home decor and create a stunning and well-designed living space. Apart from home window curtains, we also stock office window curtains in many designs, sizes, and colours. Buy window curtains online from Urban Ladder and brighten up your home interiors with curtains that highlight your decor without overpowering the interiors. Apart from decor and furnishings, Urban Ladder also offers premium quality furniture like dining tables, chairs, beds, couches, and more. Browse our collection of window curtains for home and office right here.

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