One brand new Nether mob that can either be a help or a hindrance to players is the Piglin. Heres how to trade with the Piglins in Minecraft.

Minecraft’s Nether Update has given players a treasure chest full of new features, blocks, and mobs. This free update is available to players across every platform. Along with a few minor bug fixes, the update focuses on improving the Nether and making it into a place where players will more often take the risk in exploring.

One new mob that can either be a help or a hindrance to players is the Piglin. Piglins are akin to Villagers in the sense that they are the primary sentient mob in the Nether. They can build communities among themselves and can even become zombified. Luckily, they can also be traded with. Here’s how to trade with the Piglin in Minecraft.

Interacting With Piglins in Minecraft

Piglins are only found in the Nether at this time. They are rare in most biomes outside of the Crimson Forest. These uncomfortably cute creatures are considered to be Neutral in aggression. Players should be careful when interacting with them nevertheless. Piglins have a deep love for gold and can be aggressive to players who aren’t wearing Gold Armor. Simply equip at least a single piece of Gold Armor before approaching and they should treat you like family.

Trading With Piglins in Minecraft

Piglins are obsessed with all things gold related. The more gold the player holds, the nicer the Piglins will be in any given community. Trading with a Piglin has a chance to result in an item of varying value. This is a bit of a risk, but it can be worth it depending on how many Gold Ingots the player has. Ingots are the only thing that can be traded with a Piglin.

To obtain a Gold Ingot, mine either Gold Ore from the surface world or Nether Gold in the Nether. Smelting the Ore in a furnace will result in Gold Ingots. Alternatively, 9 Gold Nuggets can be combined into a single Gold Ingot.

In order to initiate trading with a Piglin, players must simply throw a Gold Ingot on the ground in the vicinity of a Piglin. The Piglin will pick up the Gold Ingot and examine it for a moment before throwing down and item of their own. There is no way to choose what items are gained from Piglins. Items vary in rarity and span a variety of values.

Players have a chance to receive the following items when trading with a Piglin:

  • Fire Charge (9.46% Chance)
  • Gravel (9.46% Chance)
  • Leather (9.46% Chance)
  • Nether Brick (9.46% Chance)
  • Obsidian (9.46% Chance)
  • Crying Obsidian (9.46% Chance)
  • Soul Sand (9.46% Chance)
  • Nether Quartz (4.73% Chance)
  • Glowstone Dust (4.73% Chance)
  • Magma Cream (4.73% Chance)
  • Ender Pearl (4.73% Chance)
  • String (4.73% Chance)
  • Iron Nugget (2.36% Chance)
  • Splash Potion of Fire Resistance (2.36% Chance)
  • Potion of Fire Resistance (2.36% Chance)
  • Iron Boots with Soul Speed Enchantment (1.89% Chance)
  • Enchanted Book with Soul Speed (1.15% Chance)

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Minecraft is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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