• Getting Started / Account Opening

  • 1. I am new to Foreign Share Trading of UOB Kay Hian - Foreign Trading Platform. How do I get started?

    For New trading account opening, you may download all the necessary forms, complete and sign the required sections (Forms) and return to us.

    Alternatively, you can::

    • - Contact our General Line at +608 823 5611 (East Malaysia) or +603 2147 1888 (Peninsular Malaysia) during the operation hours.
    • - Speak to our Futures Broker Representatives (FBR) for assistance.
    • - Visit any of our offices to open your trading account.

    You can also visit any of the UOB Kay Hian branches during their banking hours.

    Please bring along the following documents:

    Citizenship Documents Required
    For Malaysian Citizen - Identity Card (Blue)
    - Income Documents*
    For Foreigners - Valid Passport
    - Work Permit / Employment Pass (where applicable)
    - Income Documents*
    - Proof of Residential Address

    * Income Documents:- Latest Pay Slip, Latest 3 Months Bank Statement.

    Your user ID and password will be communicated to you once the application is approved.

  • Login & Security

  • 1. How do I login to UTRADE Futures Trading Platforms?

    Step 1 : Download our trading platform from Trading Platform

    Step 2 : Click on the PTA UOB Trader Software (for trading Malaysian local FKLI & FCPO products) to download the application.

    Step 3 : Save and Run the application by clicking PTA UOB Trader icon.

    Step 4 : For first time login, kindly go to the advance tab and change “Trader Type” to “Manual” and “Trader Location” to your “residential country”.

    Step 5 : Enter your user ID and Password into the login box and proceed to login.

  • 2. What can I expect when I login for the first time?

    For security reason, you will be prompted to change your password when you login for the first time. After your password is changed successfully, you may proceed to trade. Clients are advised to read our Online Futures Trading Terms and Conditions carefully.

  • 3. Why do the UTRADE Futures Trading Platforms prompt me that I have an invalid login?

    The UTRADE Futures Trading Platforms will automatically prevent someone from logging into the system using an incorrect user ID or password. Please ensure the following:

    - The caps lock, as the password is case sensitive.
    - You have keyed in the correct user ID and password.

  • 4. What will happen if I have too many unsuccessful login attempts?

    For your protection, your online account will be disabled after three unsuccessful login attempts. Please contact Client Services at +608 823 5611 (East Malaysia) or +603 2147 1888 (Peninsular Malaysia) during operating hours for assistance.

  • 5. Who can I contact if I have forgotten my user ID or password?

    Please contact our Client Services at +608 823 5611 (East Malaysia) or +603 2147 1888 (Peninsular Malaysia) during operation hours, indicating your request type (Request for User ID and/or Password). A new set of password will be generated and emailed to your official email address stated on your account opening form. New email address can only be processed via our updating form which must be signed and returned. This form can be downloaded at Application for Updating of Account Particular

    Any request for new passwords (resetting) will be verified verbally against your application details to safeguard your trading accounts security.

  • 6. What should I do to ensure security when I am trading online?

    - Log out before exit the browser
    To ensure that you close the session successfully, you should always log off by clicking “Logout’ on the top right corner before closing the browser.

    - Ensure you have the latest browser
    With the latest browser version, you will have the more up-to-date security features.

    - Clear your cache after each session
    When you login to the UTRADE Trading Platforms, temporary files are stored in your systems cache. You can clear your cache after each session by following these steps:

    •     Step 1: Select Tools >> Internet Options
    •     Step 2: Select General tab.
    •     Step 3: Click on the Delete Files button under the Temporary Internet Files.
    •     Step 4: Tick the Delete all offline content and click on OK
    •     Step 5: Click on OK and save the changes

    - Avoid sharing or using shared / public computers
    Sharing or using shared or public computers to access UTRADE Trading Platforms is a potential security risk on your part. If you use a shared or public computer, ensure that you disable AutoComplete, log out, and clear your cache after your session.

    - Ensure adequate security if on a wireless network.
    Be certain that the wireless network has been configured to incorporate network security, including but not limited to, data encryption.

    - Check your account regularly
    Always check your order history regularly to ensure that all details are updated and there has been no unauthorized access to your account. Please inform us immediately if you suspect unauthorized access on your account.

    - Regularly update your contact details.
    Keep us updated on your latest contact details to facilitate us in contacting you when necessary.

    - Protect your computer against malicious viruses.
    You are advised to install and update anti-virus software. Do not install software programs from an unknown source. Certain viruses and programs may capture sensitive personal data without your knowledge. You can prevent this by constantly updating your anti-virus software and regularly scanning your system.

    - AutoComplete Disabled.
    The AutoComplete function has been disabled to minimise unauthorised access into the system.

  • 7. What should I do to protect my password?
    • - Avoid simple passwords that can be easily guessed such as NRIC numbers, birth dates.
    • - Use a password that is alphanumeric and avoid sequential numbers e.g. 123456, abcdefg, qwerty.
    • - Change password regularly or when you suspect that your password has been discovered or used by others.

    Note: UOBKH will never request for clients to disclose their passwords under any circumstances.

  • 8. How do I change my user ID and/or password?

    You may change your user ID and/or password under the icon below. Upon successful completion, the system will generate a message to confirm that your user ID and/or password are changed successfully.

  • Market

  • 1. What are the trading hours?

    Bursa Malaysia Derivatives operate from Monday to Friday (except on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays) during the following hours:

    Bursa Malaysia
    Trading Phases
    Malaysian Trading Hours
    Financial Futures (FKLI)
    Malaysia Trading Hours
    Commodity Futures (FCPO)
    Pre Opening  08:15:00  10:00:00
    No Cancellation *  08:44:30  10:29:30
    Trading  08:45:00  10:30:00
    Morning Session Close  12:45:00  12:30:00
    Afternoon Session Pre-opening  14:00:00  14:30:00
    No Cancellation *  14:29:30  14:59:30
    Trading  14:30:00  15:00:00
    Market Close / Surveillance  17:15:00  18:00:00
    End of Day  17:30:00  18:15:00

    No Cancellation * = A predetermined time before the session opens when traders can only enter orders for the trade date but cannot cancel, execute or modify orders.

    US Markets Futures Malaysia Trading Hours
    CME E-Mini NASDAQ 100 Futures  06:00-04:15 ; 04:30-0530
    Nikkei 225 US$ Futures  04:30-04:15
    CBOT Soybean Oil Futures  07:00-20:15 ; 22:30-0215
    Soybean Futures  07:00-20:15 ; 22:30-0215
    Mini Dow Futures  06:00-04:15 ; 04:30-0530
    Wheat Futures  07:00-20:15 ; 22:30-0215
    Corn Futures  07:00-20:15 ; 22:30-0215
    NYMEX Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures  06:00-05:15
    Gold Futures (COMEX)  06:00-05:15
    Silver Futures (COMEX)  06:00-05:15
    Copper Futures (COMEX)  06:00-05:15
    NYBOT Cocoa Futures  06:00-05:15
    Cotton No.2 Futures  06:00-05:15
    Coffee Futures  06:00-05:15
    Sugar No.11 Futures (ICE)  06:00-05:15

    Asia Pacific Markets Futures Malaysia Trading Hours
    SGX SGX MSCI Taiwan Index Futures  08:45-13:45 ; 14:35-02:00
    SGX MSCI Singapore Index Futures  08:30-17:10 ; 18:15-20:00
    HKFE Mini Hang Seng Index Futures  09:15-12:00 ; 13:00-1615
  • 2. Where can I find more information on investment terms?
  • 3. What Types of orders are available?

    Bursa Derivatives Products:

    1. Limit Order
    - A limit order is an order which stipulates a price. Buy limit orders shall be matched at the stipulates prices or lower and sell limit orders shall be matched at the stipulates price or higher.

    2. Market Order
    - An order that is entered with no price stipulation. It will be matched at the best available opposite price to the fullest extent immediately upon its entry.

    3. Market on Opening Order
    - Order can be entered in the Pre-opening phase. To be executed at the auction price.

    4. Stop Order
    - Stop Loss - becomes market order once triggered.
    - Stop Limit - becomes limit order once triggered.

    5. Market-To-Limit-Order
    - An order with no price stipulation.
    - A buy market-to-limit order shall be matched immediately at the lowest sell price.
    - A sell market-to-limit order shall be matched immediately at the highest buy price.
    - Thereafter, any remaining unexecuted quantity of the order shall be converted into a limit order at the matched price.

    Foreign Markets Derivatives Products:

    1. Market Order
    - An order that is to be executed at the best possible price when the order reaches the ring.

    2. Limit Order
    - An order to buy at the limit price or lower or to sell at the limit price or higher.

    3. Market on Close Order
    - Requests the broker to execute the transaction at a price as close as possible to the closing price.

    4. Stop Order
    - To limit your losses if the market moves against your position.
    - To initiate positions when a market breaks above or below resistance; or a market breaks to new highs or lows.

    5. Stop Limit Order
    - Automatically converts into a limit order (not a market order) when the stop price is reached.

  • 4. What is the available validity Type?
    • 1. Good For Day - Valid for the trading day.
    • 2. Good Till Date - Valid until a specified date.
    • 3. Good Till Cancel - Valid until the order is cancelled.
    • 4. Session - Valid for the trading session.
  • 5. What are the available fill types?

    1. Fill and Kill
    - Unmatched portion of the order shall be automatically cancelled by the system.

    2. Minimum Quantity
    - A specified minimum quantity of the order shall be executed immediately upon entry of the order, failing which the whole quantity of the order shall be cancelled.

  • Order Submission

  • 1. Is there is limit I can trade electronically?

    Yes, you can trade online as long as there is sufficient margin amount in your trading account.

  • 2. How can I adjust my trading limit?

    The only way to adjust your trading limit is to perform intra-day trading which required less margins or to top up more funds.

    Please contact your Futures Broker Representatives (FBR) for assistance.

  • 3. What is the minimum number I can place per order?

    The minimum number of order you can place is one lot.

  • 4. What are the bid sizes for the respective markets?
    Exchange Products Value / Tick
    US Markets
    CME E-Mini NASDAQ 100 Futures  0.25pt = USD5
    E-Mini S&P Futures  0.25pt = USD12.50
    Nikkei 225 US$ Futures  5pt = USD25
    CBOT Soybean Oil Futures  $0.01 = USD6
    Soybean Futures  $0.0025 = USD12.50
    Mini Dow Futures  ($5) 1pt = USD5
    Wheat Futures  $0.0025 = USD12.50
    Corn Futures  $0.0025 = USD12.50
    NYMEX Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures  $0.01 = USD10
    E-Miny Crude Oil  $0.025 = USD12.50
    COMEX Gold Futures (COMEX)  $0.10 = USD10
    Silver Futures (COMEX)  $0.005 = USD25
    Copper Futures (COMEX)  $0.005 = USD12.50
    NYBOT Cocoa Futures  $1 = USD10
    Cotton No.2 Futures  $0.01 = USD5
    Coffee Futures  $0.05 = USD18.75
    Sugar No.11 Futures (ICE)  $0.01 = USD11.20
    Asia Pacific Markets
    SGX SGX MSCI Taiwan Index Futures  0.1 = USD10
    SGX MSCI Singapore Index Futures  0.1 = USD20
    HKFE Mini Hang Seng Index Futures  1pt = HKD10
    BMD Kuala Lumpur Composite Index Futures  0.5 = MYR25
    Crude Palm Oil Futures  1 = MYR25
    HKFE Mini Hang Seng Index Futures  1pt = HKD10
    Hang Seng Index Futures  1pt = HKD50
    TAIFEX Mini TAIEX Futures  1pt = NTD50
    TAIEX Futures  1pt = NTD200
  • 5. Can I place an order for the next trading day when the market is closed?

    No, the earliest order placements can only available during pre-opening sessions.

  • 6. How can I check my order status?


    - You can check the status of the order under the Status column in the Order Book. The Status Legend can be found near the bottom of the Order Book.

    Status Description Status Description
     P Partially Filled Order  C Cancelled Order Accepted in Queue
     F Filled Order  BC Balance Cancel
     W Working Order  OP Outstanding Part-Fill
     Q Queued  I Inactive Order
     R Rejected Order  CP Cancel Pending
     OF Outstanding Fill  E Expired Order
     HO Held Order
  • 7. How do I know that my orders are filled?

    Orders that are filled will reflect the status F in the Order Book. Orders that are partially fill will reflect the status P in the Order Book.

  • 8. What kind of order amendments can I make?

    Order that have not been filled yet, you can:

    • - Increase or reduce the price, and/or
    • - Increase or reduce the quantity
  • 9. Will I lose my position in queue after I amend my order?

    You will not lose your position in the order queue if you reduce the quantity. For other amendments types, your position in the order queue will change.

  • 10. How can I withdraw my orders if I am not logged on the platform?

    You can contact your Futures Brokers Representative or Client Services at +6088-235611 during operating hours to withdraw orders that are not filled.

  • 11. What happens to my orders that are not done by the end of the trading day?

    Orders will automatically expire when they are not filled by the end of the trading day. You will need to re-enter the order if you want to place the orders for the next trading day. Expired orders will reflect the status E in the Order Book.

  • 12. Can I do Day Trading (Open and close out the same trading day)?

    Yes, and the required margin is lower than the overnight required margin

  • Fees & Margins

  • 1. What are the commission and other charges?

    Please contact our Future Brokers Representatives (FBR) for more information.

  • 2. What is the settlement period?

    There is no settlement period for Futures trading except for settlement day. Settlement days are considered the last trading day of the expiring Futures contract. There will be margin call periods where clients with insufficient trading balances are required to top up funds:

    • - Bursa Futures Products T+3 (Transaction day + 3 days)
    • - Foreign Futures Products T+1 (Transaction day + 1 day)
  • 3. How much is the contract value?

    Please refer to your Futures Brokers Representatives (FBR).

  • 4. What currency can I settle my trades in?
    • 1. BURSA Malaysia - Ringgit Malaysia
    • 2. SGX - Singapore Dollars
    • 3. HKFE - Hong Kong Dollars
    • 4. CME, CBOT, NYMEX, NYBOT - US Dollars
  • 5. What will be the exchange rates for my trades?

    Your exchange rates are booked at spot rates based on your confirmed instruction per Maybank daily TT/OD selling FX rates. You can either refer to the contract note or call your FBR to check on the actual exchange rate.

  • 6. How can I make Initial Margin and top up margin for my trading account?

    1. Cash or Cheque at any of our Investor Centre.

    2. Internet banking.
    - Please note that only RM is accepted for payments via internet banking and payment processing is performed on full trading days only at Singapore dollars, Hong Kong dollars and US dollars are also acceptable over the counter.

    3. You may effect your payment through the following banks.
    - All payments shall be made to UOB Kay Hian Securities (M) Sdn. Bhd. Please indicate your name and/or client code in the reference of the bank-in slip.
    - Our bank accounts numbers are as follows:

    Malaysian Ringgit Segregated (RM) Accounts:
    Maybank Account No: 5140 1171 6341

    US Dollar Segregated (USD) Accounts:
    Maybank Account No: 714 011016 356
    Swift Codeb : MBBEMYKL

  • 7. How do I withdraw money?

    Download, complete and send in the withdrawal form (download from Forms section) or contact your FBR for assistance.

  • Support & Troubleshooting

  • 1. What are the system requirements for using Foreign Trading Web?
    Requirement Details
    Machine The application requires a Pentium3 500MHZ class machine with a minimum of 256MB RAM
    Operating System and Browser The application runs on a Microsoft Windows operating system that supports the following with Java enabled:
    - Internet Explorer 8.0 or above
    - Mozilla/Firefox 3.0 or above
    - Chrome 7.0 or above

    The application may also run on Mini Mac operating system X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or above that supports the following browsers with Java enabled:
    - Internet Explorer 5.0 or above
    - Mozilla/Firefox 3.5 or above
    - Chrome 9.0 or above

    Java Virtual Machine The minimum required Sun Java version is 1.6.0_10 or above
    Note: For Firefox browser users, a minimum version of Firefox 3 is required to successfully run Sun Java 1.6.0_10 or above
    Network Connection A network connection quality of a 56k modem or above is required. Broadband is highly recommended
  • 2. How do I clear my cache and cookies?

    Internet Explorer 6

    • Step 1: Click Tools
    • Step 2: Select Internet Options
    • Step 3: Under Temporary Internet Files, select Delete Files and Delete Cookies
    • Step 4: Click OK
    • Step 5: Close and re-open your browser

    Internet Explorer 7

    • Step 1: Click Tools
    • Step 2: Select Internet Options
    • Step 3: Under Browsing History, select Delete
    • Step 4: Under Temporary Internet Files, select Delete Files
    • Step 5: Under Cookies, select Delete Cookies
    • Step 6: Click OK
    • Step 7: Close and re-open your browser

    Internet Explorer 8 and 9

    • Step 1: Click Tools
    • Step 2: Select Internet Options
    • Step 3: Under Browsing History, select Delete
    • Step 4: Ensure Temporary Internet Files and Cookies are ticked
    • Step 5: Click Delete
    • Step 6: Click OK
    • Step 7: Close and re-open your browser

    Mozilla Firefox 2 and 3

    • Step 1: Click Tools
    • Step 2: Select Clear Private Data
    • Step 3: Ensure that Browsing History, Cache, Cookies and Authenticated Sessions are ticked
    • Step 4: Click Clear Private Data Now
    • Step 5: Close and re-open your browser

    Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above

    • Step 1: Click Tools
    • Step 2: Select Clear Recent History
    • Step 3: Under Time range to clear, select Everything
    • Step 4: Under Details, ensure that Browsing & Download History, Cookies, Cache and Active Logins are ticked
    • Step 5: Click Clear Now
    • Step 6: Close and re-open your browser

    Apple Safari

    • Step 1: Click Settings icon
    • Step 2: Select Reset Safari
    • Step 3: Select Empty the cache and Remove all cookies
    • Step 4: Click Reset
    • Step 5: Close and re-open your browser

    Google Chrome

    • Step 1: Click Tools icon
    • Step 2: Select Tools
    • Step 3: Select Clear browsing data
    • Step 4: Select Empty the cache and Delete cookies and other site data
    • Step 5: Under Clear data from this period:, select Everything
    • Step 6: Click Clear browsing data
    • Step 7: Close and re-open your browser

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