SBISMART Money is a mobile trading app from SBICAP Securities that enables you to seamlessly invest and trade in equity and derivatives anywhere, anytime.

How can I login to SBISMART MONEY Mobile app?

Since this is a whole new app with lots of exciting features, we have tried to keep everything new. Hence, when you first log in, you need to use a password set exclusively for this app.

Can I switch between dark and light theme in SBISMART Money App?

Yes, you can select dark or light theme as per your preference in SBISMART Money App.

How do I apply the light theme?

To apply light theme, update your app to the latest version. After updating, login to the mobile app and click on the Settings icon. Under Preferences tab, you will be able to select between dark and light time. After the selection, kindly close the app and restart and login again to view the app in light theme.

Is light theme available in android as well as IOS?

Yes, the new light theme is available in Andriod as well as IOS.

What are the features of SBISMART MONEY app?

SBISMART MONEY is an advanced mobile app which offers features like real time scanners and analytics of market. This Mobile App makes trading easier and allows you to take calculated decisions. Read more..

What Products can I trade or invest in using SBIMSMART MONEY?

SBISMART MONEY allows trading in NSE Cash, NSE Future & Option, NSE Currency and BSE Cash. It allows you to trade in Normal, Intraday and Delivery. Also you can place orders type as Limit, Market, Stop loss, Stop loss market, Cover Order.

How do I lien/transfer funds to my account?

Click on ‘Manage Funds’ under ‘More’ option. Click on Add funds option to Lien/transfer funds in your account. Fund Lien option is available only till 5pm. Fund transfer option is available 24*7.

Can I create customized watch list in SBISMART MONEY?

Yes, by default watch list of the Nifty, Sensex is already created. Also you can create multiple watchlist of your choice by the watchlist option available and enter multiple scrips. Also you can delete the watchlist which you no longer require, which makes the watchlist customized.

Can I place order through watchlist?

Yes, through watch list you can Trade, View Quotes. By selecting ‘Buy or Sell’ option you will be redirected to order placement screen where you can place your orders.

Where can I view scanners and create a new customized scanner?

All the scanners will be displayed on your dashboard if your profile is set to trader. If not, then you can view the scanners under More >> Tools & Calculators >> Scanners. ‘Create New’ option is available to create your own personalised scanner with self-assisted tools.

Can I set an Alert for my scrip? How?

Yes, through Watchlist by clicking on the desired scrip and then clicking on Set an Alert. You can set an alert for price values greater than, less than or equal to. When the price set by you is achieved, you will get the alert via SMS, Email or in App notification based on your selection.

Where can I view my positions? Can I square off and convert my positions from SBISMART MONEY?

To view your positions open or closed, click on the Position option available in the app. Yes, you can square off and convert positions through feature of Positions.

How can I view Quotes?

For viewing quotes of particular scrip, select the scrip from the watchlist and click on quotes or search the scrip by clicking on search icon on the top right corner of the screen. You will be redirected to Quotes screen, from where you can Buy/Sell, View Market Depth, News etc.

How can I get all the market information relevant to Equity in SBISMART MONEY app?

To view all the market information relevant to Equity markets like Market today, Market Mood, Market Commentary, indices, Market Movers etc., click on the Markets option available in the app at the bottom of the screen.

How can I get all the market information relevant to Derivatives in SBISMART MONEY app?

To view all the market information relevant to Derivatives markets like Top Markets, Option Chain, Put Call ratio, Rollover etc., click on the Markets option available in the app at the bottom of the screen.

How can I view Research calls available?

Research recommendations for Intraday, Buy Today Sell Tomorrow, Positional, Short, Medium & Long term is available under Research Ideas available on your dashboard or under More >> Research Ideas.

How do I view my Portfolio?

Portfolio across assets classes like Equity, Derivatives and Mutual funds is available on your dashboard or under More >> Portfolio.

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