This review is based on the quality of the 3D Blu-Ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs. Discs were reviewed using an OPPO UDP-203 (upscaled to 4K) and LG OLED 65 2016 TV

There is currently no 4K + 3D combo, each release is separate.

The 4K copy includes a 4K UltraHD disc (requires UltraHD Blu-Ray player), Blu-Ray 1080p disc and Ultraviolet copy (no itunes). The 3D includes a 3D Blu-Ray (required 3DTV), Blu-Ray and digital copy (no itunes)

The 4K and Blu-Ray discs contain ATMOS audio, the 3D copy only includes DTS-HDMA 5.1. The 4K includes a slipcover; the 3D version on Amazon does not include a slipcover (but other retailers do include one)

Onto the discs themselves:

First off, this is a very noisy/grainy movie. Im fine with noise (in a film like Blade Runner its fine) but this one is very, very distracting. This does seem to be more digital noise looking than film grain. I found it to be exaggerated more on the 4K copy while making the 3D look a bit odd, so both discs had some issues with it. For whatever reason, the night shots seem to be cleaner than the daytime shots.

The cover of the 4K version looks amazing with the highlights and clarity, so I went in with high expectations.The film itself is somewhat muted and does not seem to take as much advantage of the HDR as I was expecting. Night scenes look better in 4K due to the lower light levels and being able to get so many tones, and some highlights (such as her whip) stand out very nice. I felt that this movie would look much better than it did. Overall sharpness is somewhat low for a 4K release (this may be a mix of the heavy noise throughout and the fact that this was a 2K digital intermediate). Again, a title that I expected to really be the next wow title left a bit underhwhelmed. I felt that the 4K also made some of the CGI very noticeable and stand out.. even little odd things like water.

The 3D version is also somewhat of a mixed bag. The digital noise again makes some scenes look odd, particularly since its so noticeable with the separation of 3D. The film is noticeably dimmer (as most 3D titles tend to be) which make for some issues with the very dark night shots. Colors are again somewhat muted and the 3D focuses primarily on depth (going into the TV) rather than in your face moments. There are a few really good 3D shots (typically very quick ones where something is going towards the camera) but theyre pretty far apart. The 3D is mixed, with some indoors shots looking great while some outdoor ones have very little separation. Some scenes I expected to be wowed by seemed very flat.

Sound was very good (I dont have an atmos system to give a full review on that). I wish the video was as good!

Lots of extras on both versions.

Overall, for the picture quality of the 4K and 3D versions, I was left a little disappointed. I didnt see this one in the theaters but judging by the trailers I was expecting much more from the 3D/4K quality. The trailers available do not show the amount of grain/noise in the film itself; its much more extreme when watching at home.

In the end, whats the version to get? Really depends. The 4K is more distracting with the grain (and doesnt have the added sharpness you would expect) but does better at night and with some other highlights mixed in. The 3D version has some neat shots but nothing mind-blowing.

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