Business Continuity Plan Statement

Bitcoin Trading Community is committed to providing our clients with secure and reliable access to their accounts and favorable trading conditions. As an online trading firm, we are majorly concerned with returning value in profits to investors. Our profits are gained from trading itself and we provide a trading platform for professionals at available in over 100 countries and currencies nationwide.

Bitcoin Trading Community has developed a business continuity plan that will activate in the event of a significant business disruption such as a loss in Trading and how we will prevent this from occuring.

Bitcoin Trading Community combines the use of algorithmic trading, copy trading and strict stop losses to prevent losses that may occur in trading. Bitcoin is a volatile asset and a 20% sudden drop is much likely to occur in certain occassions. Employing stop losses allow us to conter this as we cannot afford to lose 2% of any trading equity. By beating down our investor returns to 15% on the Lite plan, with $100,000 trading equity, a 5% gain will cover over 20 investors. A case study for this is:

An investor deposits $50 and is expected to earn 15% which amounts to $7.5, with a trading equity of $100,000 we gain $5,000 with only a 5% scalp. This allows us to distribute profits to exactly 667 investors.

Investors profits are guaranted up to a maximum of $15,000 by our Clearing firms and to $500,000 by Bitcoin Trading Community. This assures that in the rare case of any loss, investors will be fully informed and compensated.

Investors are informed timely of changes in plans, percentages and internal affairs. We will never disclose private information and we back up our important records in a geographically separate area. While every emergency situation poses unique problems based on external factors, such as time of day and the severity of the disruption, we have been advised by our clearing firm that its objective is to restore its own operations and be able to complete existing transactions and accept new transactions and payments within the shortest time period possible. Your orders and requests for funds could be delayed during this period.

While no business continuity plan can eliminate all risk or delay resulting from an unexpected interruption in service, we continually assess, update and test our plans to ensure that Bitcoin Trading Community has taken the steps necessary to protect our clients. Our plan will be reviewed and updated and any modifications to our plan will be reflected in this Business Continuity Plan Statement, which will be posted on our Website at

Emergency Contact:

If after a significant business disruption, you cannot contact us as you usually do through our web site or any of our social media platforms, You can reach our administration by email on

If you have questions about our business continuity planning, you can contact us at


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