The game references the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic that the Prime Minister has had to go through. It also questions the lack of details given about the PM CARES fund.

September 21, 2020 / 04:29 PM IST


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An intrepid Redditor has used their coding skills and digital art to create a customised version of the popular Google Chrome dinosaur game. The main character? Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Reddit user maxmess bought the domain and used the website to host a modified version of Chromes simple obstacle course, which visitors can play on the site. Their post has garnered 8.5 thousand upvotes within a day of being published on the social media platform, and dozens of other users have given them medals to show their appreciation.

The game is satirical and has proved to be immensely popular with users of the discussion website, especially in the forum it was posted, r/india, which hosts content related to the country.

The game starts with the Prime Minister running through an obstacle course. The hurdles are figures for the media, the courts and the common man, instead of cactus figures in the original. As for flying monsters, the hero has to contend with droplets of the coronavirus.

You can donate to the PM Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations fund on its official website via various electronic methods, and/or bank transfers.


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