Welcome to Juventus Academy London

Registrations are Open for players wishing to join us at one of our centers:

◼ New River Sports Center, White Hart Lane, London N22 5QW

◼ Enfield Grammar School, Portcullis Lodge Road, Silver Street, London EN1 3TW

◼ SJA Islington - Fully Booked

◼ Battersea Park All Weather Sports Ground, South Carriage Drive, Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ

T: 07958 329664

E: ela-london@juventus-academy.com


The top teams in the U13-U18 age groups are called our Junior Premier League (JPL) Squads. Our JPL teams are for our most motivated players across all training centers, who have both the desire and ability to compete at the highest levels of youth football. To be the Best you have to play with the Best


Juventus goal is to educate local players with the Juventus training method, known as one of the best in the world and followed in over 80 countries.

The Year-Round Training have been established to share the values and methods synonymous with Juventus beyond the Italian border. Through this project, Juventus allow young boys and girls from all over the world to access professional training methods validated by the club’s experience of organising similar initiatives in Italy.

Juventus Academy aims to improve the youngsters technical skills but also their personal qualities in line with the main guiding concept: “Develop people first and footballers second”. On the pitch, the youngsters are given a solid grounding in sport and football, working to a method that teaches them key values and enables them to develop both on and off the field of play. Juventus Academy project has more than 22,000 players involved in the different initiatives

So start your Bianconeri dreams with us… as your journey starts with a football, a field of dreams and your desire to learn and excel.

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