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Subscription Charges

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Subscription Charges


 Whether you do day-trading or you invest for longer periods, KeyStocks has features that may help achieve your trading goals. High-definition charting, built-in indicators and strategies, Instant Charts with Buy Sell Signals.

 Search best stocks for next day trading on basis of Indicators, moving average,candlesticks pattern,Fibonacci Retracement , Gaps created / filled, Chart Patterns like triangle , rectangle , double top, double bottom , triple top , triple bottom , falling and rising wedges and most important you can scan stocks which are trading near their important trend line with an ease.

KeyStock is a well established leading developer of high-performance Technical Analysis software for the active trader. Our flagship product KeyStocks-Lite is an application for advanced charting, market analytics and trading system development.

The KeyStocks brand has been well known in the active trader community. The KeyStocks suite of products and services, as well as trading education, and professional-level decision support to individual investors and active traders.


  • Advance Charting
  • Indicator Scanning
  • Buy Sell Signals
  • Charts Pattern Scanner
  • Trend Lines Scanner
  • Auto Trend Lines
  • Auto Support & Resistance Lines
  • Affordable:  Our Product with all above features comes at a very affordable price at just  RS. 2,000 / - per year .Shocker….. , Yes it is true.

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