Taking something at face value means to not look any deeper into what is being said. If the listener tries to read into it, the wrong conclusion will be reached.

No ulterior motive. Just read/hear what is presented and do not read into it.

Take this at face value, but you look really hot today. Where did you get that shirt? (If the listener didnt take it at face value, he/she might wonder if the speaker is interested, romantically or otherwise)

Take this at face value, but you had mentioned the cost of getting a nose job yesterday and how much you wanted one. I saw the prices. Theyre really not as bad as you thought. (If the face value clause were not said, the listener might be offended. It could be construed the speaker is implying the listener should get a nose job because it looks bad or whatever)

The value someting gains by being put up on or displayed on facebook. thus making it that much more real. This can be varified by checking facebook or by a spot of facebooking. When checking the face value of something a person cannot be said to be a facebook stalker.
Also a person who makes a comment which has no face value may be humiliated, insulted and called a total loser very publically.

person 1: wow so Tom just told me he and Kate are dating now!
person 2: Na i just checked their facebook pages and they both listed them as single, so clearly that statement has no face value
Person 1: good bit of facebooking Tom is clearly such a loser

1. This term is used when someone has a good face.
2. It is also used when someone, preferably male, tells a very funny joke of course.

Antonym: AIDS value

- You have face value mate.
- Of course, I am Phil Collins.

- Thats a very funny joke. I love jokes about AIDS and womens rights.
- Indeed, wouldnt you agree that it has incredible face value?
- Of course.

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