Here, You can try do a barrel roll trick while searching the internet. You can do a barrel roll on the webpage twice or 2 times or 3 times or 5 times or 5.5 times or 10 times or 20 times or 100 times fast or 1000 times or 5000 times or 10000 times or 50000 times or 100000 times. Even, if you wish to try do a barrel roll 1 million times you can try here.

Now, you may be interested to know that from where this barrel effect on webpage came into existence. So the answer is quite interesting.

Its no secret that I am a big fan of Google and the manner they go approximately launching & evolving their products – they have some horrific ones (which are pretty rare), but majority of them are first-rate merchandise that result in nice changes to how we lead our online lives.

Google Search is obviously the biggest example – and its far for a purpose, why “searching on the web or search online” is now increasingly more being mentioned as “Googling it” or “Google it”. The nice of search they offer is leaps and bounds beyond any search engine that exists or probably will ever exist. The motive I say “ever” is, I have genuinely not seen any other organization consistently setting efforts in making a higher search engine.

Also, Google isnt always content material with just being the most important and pleasant seek engine – They are pushing boundaries, continuously making adjustments to their algorithms, in order that netizens are better served.

Along with enhancing their merchandise always, theyre additionally bringing in “fun quotient” to seek. Google Doodle is one example, which no longer most effective amusing, but additionally reminds of vital events, people & occasions.

Yesterday, netizens seem to have found another “fun” element to Google Search – If you want to attempt it out – Do a Google look for the phrase do a barrel roll and youll see a nice visual that the entire screen of result page rotate right in front of you. The Social Media sites were abuzz with this meme due to the fact!

According to reports, Google engineers have implemented this, type of an “easter egg” to expose off the capabilities of newly launched CSS3, which allow builders to create web pages that to rotate, skew, and otherwise deform components of a page (or the entire web page), and additionally animate those changes into an effect which include this do a barrel roll trick.

Yes, there were “easter eggs” launched earlier by using Google, however theyre an increasing number of getting more fun. And if you are on IE youre out of luck. Try it on either Chrome or Firefox and you revel in it.

So what do you suspect of this Google Do a Barrel Roll trick? Hopefully, there are more of those hidden somewhere But right now it is time to enjoy Barrel roll trick.

Now, there may be a question in your mind, if this trick will work on Google homepage, then what is the purpose of creating this webpage? Well, Now you know that Google homepage will rotate when you search do a barrel roll but what if you want to search something else and want to get result with barrel roll effect? Here at this site you can put you name as logo and can search any thing along with the barrel roll effect.

Here at Doabarrelroll, this trick create a barrel roll effect on Search engine homepage as well as on search result page. Here you can try barrel roll 10 times or twice or 2 times or 3 times or 5 times or 1000 times or 100 times fast or 5000 times or 10000 times or 50000 times. Even, if you wish you can try 1 million times. It is very fast and complete its one rotation in 1 second. Even on this website, you can put your or your beloved name as logo. Enjoy Google barrel roll fast at Doabarrelrole. This is designed for fun and entertainment only.

So lets enjoy and have fun.

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