Fortnite Week 7 challenges here, with one of several Legendary Quests asking you to collect parenting books from Holly Hatchery or Retail Row now that the quests have gone live. This is a story-driven quest with one-off quest items involved, which means you cant even see these items on the map unless this quest is active for you. Once you are on this stage of the quest, however, use this guide to help you complete it in a hurry.

Fortnite Parenting Book Locations

You need to find just two parenting books for this Week 7 challenge, and once you do, youll unlock 30,000 XP toward your Season 7 Battle Pass. As is often the case, there are more collectibles on the map than youll need, so pick whichever two of these six that work for you. Heres where to find parenting books in Holly Hatchery:

  • In the living room of the house east of the landscaping store
  • In the garage of the northeastern house
  • Just inside the front room of the northwestern house
Where to find parenting books in Holly Hatchery

If instead your travels take you to Retail Row, you can find another three parenting books within Fortnites shopping center. Heres where to find parenting books in Retail Row:

  • Inside the central fenced-in dumpster area
  • On the bottom floor of the northwestern blue house, to the left when entering from the front door
  • In the TV room on the first floor of the southwestern white house
Where to find parenting books in Retail Row

After several weeks of being Agent Slones spy and saboteur, this week Fortnites story quest seems to suggest Bushranger is playing mother hen to the aliens in their eggs. Bushranger is not a human and speaks in broken words, so it may be its motivations dont align with Slones at all. If thats the case, one has to wonder how Slone will take this problematically compassionate stance by Bushranger. Dont be surprised if the exacting leader of the Imagined Order gets out her weed-whacker.

Theres a lot more to see and do in Fortnite Week 7, so be sure to check the Week 7 challenges, the 17.20 patch notes, and dont miss the free items as part of Rainbow Royale.

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