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The story of  The Bull of Dalal Street Web Series revolves around the darker side of the world called money.  Harshil Mehra, the central character of the story whose soul aim is not only to make money, but to make money and rule. And during his initial days of employment, he got the golden ticket of Stock Market. He targeted the stock market, got into the root of it, and then understood the pulse of the market. He manipulated things in his own way and played in crores. The first season of the series offers 8 episodes in which a glimpse of the scam of the Dalal Street of Mumbai gets reflected along with the elucidation of the early life of Harshil Mehra.

The Bull of Dalal Street cast name

  • Iqbal Khan
  • Ashmit Patel
  • Kunal Verma
  • Priyal Gor
  • Aparna Sharma
  • Naina Chhabra

The Bull of Dalal Street Review – Tactical Criminal Manipulation of Market. 

Mumbai is often beckoned as the city of dreams. This city holds a lot of paradoxical enigma—Thousands of homeless hearts and hundreds of the richest souls of the country reside in one city, Mumbai. Dalal Street is the address of the Bomay Stock Market with a number of financial firms. The Bull is regarded as the king of the Stock Market in Mumbai.


The script of The Bull of Dalal Street web series in its first season could have been a little more eventful. The situational gaps were often filled with an erotic flavour which was undoubtedly relevant. But there were more pockets in the crust of the story that could have been explored. Most importantly, the character of Dilip, Harshil’s younger brother could have been subjected to more situations of conflict and dilemma. However, the next season might open up these possibilities in a vivid way.


Iqbal Khan was a perfect choice for the protagonist of The Bull of Dalal Street(2020). The work of the other casting members is also quite commendable. Some characters could have been a little more well sculpted. Expressions of astonishment often got overshadowed by grief sometimes and sometimes, anger. These details could have been taken care of.


Background scores in The Bull of Dalal Street fail to get a thumbs up. Considering the subject and scope of the script, it could have been much better.

Cinematography, Special Effects & Editing

There is almost no scope of criticizing the cinematography in any way for this series. Prabhakar’s mansion, Harshil’s new home, the view of the slum area from the window, erotic outbreaks—everything was shot from appropriate angles. The DoP really did a very good job. Editing could have been somewhat sharper.


Deepak Pandey’s work as the director cannot be judged aptly right now, unless we get to view the upcoming season. But at least for this season, he could have worked a little more in grooming the supporting characters and sculpting a stronger backbone and reasons in favour of their movements. Apart from that, his work so far in this series leaves not many scopes for negative review.

The Bull of Dalal Street Episodes can be streamed on MX Player and Ullu App.

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