Legal Notice

NMPI Status

The company currently conducts its affairs so that securities issued by Aberdeen Asian Income Fund Limited can be recommended by IFAs to ordinary retail investors in accordance with the FCA’s rules in relation to non-mainstream pooled investment products (NMPIs) and intends to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

The Company’s securities are excluded from the FCA’s restrictions which apply to non-mainstream investment products because the Company would qualify as an investment trust if it were based in the UK.

Pre-investment Disclosure Document (PIDD)

Aberdeen Standard Capital International Limited (a non-EU alternative investment fund manager), as manager of the Company (a non-EU AIF), is not generally subject to the EU Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive (“AIFMD”) other than in circumstances where the Company is being marketed into the European Union. As the Company is marketed into the European Union, AIFMD requires that non EU managers make available to investors certain information prior to such investors’ investment in the Company. The AIFMD is intended to offer increased protection to investors in investment products that do not fall under the existing European Union regime for regulation of certain investment products known as “UCITS”.

Read the PIDD for Aberdeen Asian Income Fund Limited

Compliance with US Sanctions

In November 2020, President Trump issued Executive Order 13959 prohibiting US persons from purchasing certain Communist Chinese Military Companies. On June 3 2021, President Biden issued EO 14032 that rescinds and supercedes the Trump administration policy and restricts the purchase or sale by US Persons, of the publicly traded securities of certain Chinese Military Industrial Complex companies (CMICCs) that have been identified as a threat to U.S. national security interests and requires the divesting of any existing exposures by 3 June 2022. Although Aberdeen Asian Income Fund Limited is not subject to the Executive Order 14032, the Company was complying with the previous Executive Order and has taken the decision to continue to comply with the new US OFAC sanctions regime as at July 2021. The Board will continue to monitor the evolving international situation with regards to the sanctions against China more broadly and any further changes to the sanctions lists will be considered individually by the Board as appropriate.

Aberdeen Asset Managers Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom. The information contained in this website does not constitute an offer of, or an invitation to apply for securities in any jurisdiction where such an offer or invitation is unlawful, or in which the person making such an offer is not qualified to do so. Aberdeen Asset Managers accepts no responsibility for the content of any external web sites.

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