Notification of dividend / distribution

Announcement Summary

Entity name


Security on which the Distribution will be paid


Announcement Type

New announcement

Date of this announcement


Distribution Amount

AUD 0.90000000

Ex Date


Record Date


Payment Date


DRP election date

Friday September 3, 2021 19:00:00

Refer to below for full details of the announcement

Notification of dividend / distribution

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Notification of dividend / distribution

Announcement Details

Part 1 - Entity and announcement details

1.1 Name of +Entity



Registered Number Type

Registration Number




ASX issuer code


  1. The announcement is New announcement
  2. Date of this announcement


1.6 ASX +Security Code


ASX +Security Description


Part 2A - All dividends/distributions basic details

2A.1 Type of dividend/distribution


2A.2 The Dividend/distribution:

relates to a period of six months

2A.3 The dividend/distribution relates to the financial reporting or payment period ending ended/ending (date)


2A.4 +Record Date


2A.5 Ex Date


Notification of dividend / distribution

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Notification of dividend / distribution

2A.6 Payment Date


2A.7 Are any of the below approvals required for the dividend/distribution before business day 0 of the timetable?

Security holder approval

Court approval

Lodgement of court order with +ASIC

ACCC approval

FIRB approval

Another approval/condition external to the entity required before business day 0 of the timetable for the dividend/distribution.


2A.8 Currency in which the dividend/distribution is made (primary currency)

AUD - Australian Dollar

2A.9 Total dividend/distribution payment amount per +security (in primary currency) for all dividends/distributions notified in this form

AUD 0.90000000

2A.10 Does the entity have arrangements relating to the currency in which the dividend/distribution is paid to securityholders that it wishes to disclose to the market? No

2A.11 Does the entity have a securities plan for dividends/distributions on this +security?

We have a Dividend/Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP)

2A.11a If the +entity has a DRP, is the DRP applicable to this dividend/distribution?


2A.12 Does the +entity have tax component information apart from franking?


Part 3A - Ordinary dividend/distribution

3A.1 Is the ordinary dividend/distribution estimated at this time?


3A.1b Ordinary Dividend/distribution amount per security

AUD 0.90000000

2A.11a(i) DRP Status in respect of this dividend/distribution

Full DRP

3A.1a Ordinary dividend/distribution estimated amount per +security


3A.2 Is the ordinary dividend/distribution franked? Yes

3A.2a Is the ordinary dividend/distribution fully franked? Yes

Notification of dividend / distribution

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Notification of dividend / distribution

3A.3 Percentage of ordinary dividend/distribution that is

3A.3a Applicable corporate tax rate for franking credit



100.0000 %

30.0000 %

3A.4 Ordinary dividend/distribution franked amount per +security

AUD 0.90000000

3A.6 Ordinary dividend/distribution unfranked amount per +security excluding conduit foreign income amount

AUD 0.00000000

3A.7 Ordinary dividend/distribution conduit foreign income amount per security

AUD 0.00000000

3A.5 Percentage amount of dividend which is unfranked

0.0000 %

Part 4A - +Dividend reinvestment plan (DRP)

4A.1 What is the default option if +security holders do not indicate whether they want to participate in the DRP? Do not participate in DRP (i.e. cash payment)

4A.2 Last date and time for lodgement of election notices to share registry under DRP

Friday September 3, 2021 19:00:00

4A.4 Period of calculation of reinvestment price

Start Date

4A.3 DRP discount rate

0.0000 %

End Date

4A.5 DRP price calculation methodology

The allocation price will be calculated as the average of the daily volume weighted average price of Wesfarmers Limited shares, excluding trades which are not considered to reflect normal supply and demand, on each of the 15 consecutive trading days during the period from 7 September 2021 to 27 September 2021 inclusive.


DRP Price (including any discount):

4A.7 DRP +securities +issue date




Will DRP +securities be a new issue?


4A.9 Is there a minimum dollar amount or number of +securities required for DRP participation? No

4A.10 Is there a maximum dollar amount or number of +securities required for DRP participation? No

4A.11 Are there any other conditions applying to DRP participation? Yes

Notification of dividend / distribution

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Notification of dividend / distribution

4A.11a Conditions for DRP participation

The directors have determined in accordance with the DRP plan rules that participation is not open to a holder whose registered address is in a country other than Australia and New Zealand.

4A.12 Link to a copy of the DRP plan rules

4A.13 Further information about the DRP

Part 5 - Further information

  1. Please provide any further information applicable to this dividend/distribution
  2. Additional information for inclusion in the Announcement Summary

Notification of dividend / distribution

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