Founded in 1972, Sydney-based ABC Bullion and Refinery is a well-known refiner, assayer and private mint. It is Australia’s largest independent bullion dealer and is the only independent gold refinery in the country that is accredited with the Shanghai Gold Exchange and the London Bullion Market Association.

All of its bullion is produced by its affiliate company ABC Refinery, which has the only refinery laboratory in Australia with accreditation from the National Association of Testing Authorities for the testing of gold, silver and alloys.

ABC Bullion and Refinery is also the exclusive Australian distributor for the Swiss bullion brand PAMP Suisse, as well as an official distributor for the Royal Canadian Mint.

The mint maintains a network of officers and dealers throughout Australia and Hong Kong. The company provides a variety of services including bullion sales, trading, buy backs and fully-insured storage. The firm also maintains a variety of investment vehicles, including pool allocated precious metals, self managed superannuation fund investment and their own ABC Bullion Gold Saver savings plan. The company also manages logistics for global delivery of its investment grade bullion products.

Reviews of ABC Bullion and Refinery

CoinABC Bullion has mostly positive reviews from customers online. Many praise the company’s trading services which it make it easy to buy and store bullion. Users say managing their account online is a simple and secure process. Customers also praise the professionalism, friendliness and helpfulness of their staff.

The quality of its bullion products is also highly recognized. The mint’s 1KG Gold Bar is one of the most traded gold products in Australia and is known for its beautiful high-polished finish. Overall we feel that ABC is a trusted and recognizable brand, especially throughout Australia and Asia.

Mint Locations

ABC Bullion and Refinery has its head office in Sydney, Australia. It has additional offices in Perth and in Hong Kong.

Below is a streetview photo of the ABC Bullion office in Sydney.


Head Office

Level 6, 88 Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Head Office Mailing Address

GPO Box 2435, Sydney NSW 2001

Perth Office

Level 3, 40 St Georges Terrace
Perth, WA 6000

Hong Kong Office

Unit G1, 5th Floor Kaiser Estate Phase 2
47-53 Man Yue Street, Hung Hom Kowloon
Hong Kong

ABC Bullion and Refinery’s Claim to Fame


ABC Bullion manufactures the trophy for the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s world-famous annual Thoroughbred horse race.

The trophy, known as “The Loving Cup” is produced exclusively with gold that is mined, refined and cast in Australia. The trophy, valued at $200,000, requires 250 hours of work to produce. The Melbourne Cup is sponsored by Lexus, however ABC Bullion started making the trophy in 2016 when the race was sponsored by Emirates.

Videos of the Mint

ABC Bullion released a fascinating documentary short video about the production of the 2018 Lexus Melbourne Cup Trophy. The video shows the process all the way from mining the gold to crafting the trophy.

Here is a clip from a local newscast that provides a good look at some of ABC Bullion’s investment grade gold and silver bars.

Finally, here is a detailed look at the refining process at ABC Refinery. The footage shows the production process for an ABC Bullion gold bar.


Nicholas Frappell serves as Global General Manager of ABC Bullion. Frappell is responsible for growing the company’s international business. He previously worked in the Hong Kong and London offices of Mitsui and Co. Precious Metals Inc.

ABC Bullion and Refinery are both Pallion Group companies. Pallion top executives are as follows:

Andrew Cochineas serves as CEO

Paul Cochineas serves as Chief Operations Officer.

Philip Williams serves as Chairman.


Content updated on May 8, 2019

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