How do you get an Airbnb coupon?

For vacation rentals, homes, places, and even experiences, you can book one of the many options that are available online. For a discount, you can use an Airbnb coupon code that works from The Wall Street Journal. The deals are constantly updated to you find a coupon code that works and that is right for you.

  • If you are on a tight budget, you can filter the options that Airbnb gives you by choosing your price range
  • For every friend you invite to use Airbnb for the first time, you can earn money that can be used as credit. You can then use this credit when you book a place or an experience. Earn an Airbnb referral by booking your stay and save money on your next stay with this referral code.
  • One of Airbnb’s special categories is ‘Experiences.’ There, you will find a wide array of activities that you can partake in, depending on the location
  • Airbnb new user coupons: Look for Airbnb first time booking coupons

There are many deals that you can find all year long. Remember to browse through The Wall Street Journal for a promo code or offer.

How do I use an Airbnb coupon code?

Confused about how to use your Airbnb discount code? Do not worry because, with these easy steps, you will get your discount in no time at all.

  • Choose an Airbnb coupon or offer that you would like to use from The Wall Street Journal
  • You will be redirected to the website
  • Once you are on the checkout page, click ‘Redeem a coupon’ below the payment method
  • Enter your Air bnb coupon code
  • Click Apply and then see the discount take effect
  • Note: codes cannot be added to existing reservations or to experiences
  • Only gift cards can be used to purchase experiences
  • Sign into your Airbnb account to see more about your Airbnb stays or to book Airbnbs

Are you stuck at home? Or lack the funds or time to travel? Experience the outside world through these new online experiences with video conference calls. Find a discount Airbnb code to start your culinary journey when you cook with award-winning chefs, take walking tours from around the world, explore Hogwarts with a Harry Potter virtual London walking tours or learn a new hobby link painting or drink making. Browse through the bestsellers section to find a wide range of the highest rated online experiences. Get out of your funk and join in on something different while you are at home with the online experiences Airbnb offers.

Become an Airbnb host

  • Create a new listing through your profile, on the Host section. Please note, this process might take up to six hours to appear in search results
  • Anyone can be a host. Once you sign up, you can list your space for free
  • You can post a wide range of house, from apartments, whole houses, tree houses, boats or even castles
  • Earn extra income by putting your space or home online

Airbnb Experiences

Meet people from your local area or the local area of where you are traveling. Learn new cooking skills, meet unusual animals, or get out of your comfort zone with dance classes – anything is possible! Get a once in a lifetime experience from a trusted source. The Airbnb experiences range from a few hours to even multiple overnights where food and lodging in included. Expand, learn and grow with a unique Airbnb experience. All experiences are vetted beforehand so you know that you will be getting top quality. When you sign up for one, you know you will be getting a local expert to authenticity, small groups to be able to fully engage and the highest standards to ensure a positive experience.

If you are looking to stay local this year, you can also find something in your town for a staycation. Whatever you choose, be sure to use an Airbnb experience coupon from here to get the best discount on your next adventure.

Airbnb gift cards

Do you have a friend who is always up for something new? An Airbnb gift card is the perfect thing to give to a wondering spirit or someone who has wanderlust. Simply visit to order one for yourself, a friend or a family member. Choose from fun designs and then send via text or email where the recipient will receive it immediately. Luckily for everyone, the gift card never expires, so whoever gets it has time to plan their next trip.

Airbnb App

Get Airbnb mobile when you download the app from the App Store and on Google Play. When you are on the app, you can explore, book and go! Not only can you look for places to go, but you can also set up your hosting account. Hosts can get acquainted and know all your guests, manage all your listings and become the best hose out there! Do all these things and more when you download the app today!

Top travel destinations for September 2021

Are you looking for some ideas for your wanderlust this year? Here are some of the most popular locations, rentals, and perks

  • Airbnb Miami, Florida: Stay in a Miami beach house, a penthouse or something in South Beach
  • Airbnb NYC, New York: Book your next vacation for Manhattan in a penthouse, a rental in Midtown, Brooklyn, or Queens. If you are looking to get out of the city, book yourself a cabin, a treehouse, or a house with a pool for total relaxation.
  • Airbnb Atlanta, Georgia: Find a downtown rental, like a penthouse in Midtown. You can also escape the heat by booking a treehouse, a mansion with a private pool or another kind of luxury apartment.
  • Airbnb Chicago, Illinois: Your next vacation could be a downtown penthouse with a pool or an apartment in Lincoln Park. If you want something less busy, check out the places in the Chicago suburbs.
  • Airbnb Las Vegas, Nevada: When you go to Vegas, you want to stay somewhere with a pool or lake. Visit and spend a night on the Strip, in a mansion, or a party house.
  • Airbnb Los Angeles, California: Plan your next stay for Downtown or book a house with a pool. Or if you are an ocean person, you can rent a beach house or beachfront house.

Update on Airbnb COVID-19

In this uncertain time, you might ask yourself, what is the Airbnb cancellation policy? Book confidently, as your rebooking or cancelation fees will be waived in most cases. As the health and safety of hosts and guests is the most important aspect, there are things in place to keep everyone safe. With the lowest travel prices in year, you can continue to feel safe and confident in your travel plans. You can also opt for staycations or online experiences as well. Visit the website for more information about the Coronavirus and how to cancel Airbnb reservations.

How can I get an Airbnb coupon code?

Grab one from here! They are tested daily to make sure you can save the most amount of money on your next vacation rental.

Are there promo codes for Airbnb?

Yes! Find a wide variety right here for apartments, houses, vacation homes and other rentals in one place.

What is an experience?

These are one-of-a-kind activities designed by locals. You can either enjoy them in-person or try the online experiences. These experiences go beyond the simple activities but give local insight to your time.

What are online experiences?

These are live, interactive video call sessions available to a limited amount of people in small groups. You can have firsthand experience with hosts through online interactions.

What kinds of online experiences are there?

Find a wide range of options, including cooking, family friendly, arts and drinking. Find a new hobby or hone your skills into a new adventure with these online experiences.

How do I offer an experience?

You can submit your proposal for an experience online then wait to hear about a confirmation whether it fits.

When did Airbnb launch experiences?

It was launched in summer of 2019 to give an additional experience for guests to enjoy beyond the different houses.

How do I get $40 off?

If your friend refers you, you can earn up to $40 in Airbnb credit to be used on your next stay on accommodations of $75+.

How do I get my $55 off?

Take $55 off your first booking.

Can I refer a friend?

Refer a friend and earn free $20 Airbnb credits and up to $500 if they become a host! Simply click on “Invite Friends” in the top-right menu.

What is an Airbnb first time coupon?

Get a discount on your first time staying at an rental. Be sure to click on one of our latest to get the best discount around with Airbnb coupons that work.

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