17 Stocks to Buy to Play the Shift to Transportation 2.0

Nios stock wasnt the only one higher after Nio Day 2021 -- electric vehicle stocks in general are soaring as innovation in the sector hits its stride.

3 Lidar Stocks to Buy for Autonomous Driving

Three of the best lidar stocks to buy at this point are Collective Group, Valeo, and Velodyne Lidar. They are poised to thrive.

CGRO Stock: Collective Growth Pops on Innoviz SPAC Merger Announcement

Collective Growth (CGRO) is seeing an increase in CGRO stock following news that the SPAC is undergoing a merger with Innoviz Technologies.

Autonomous Vehicle Stocks: Why LAZR, CGRO and VLDR Stock Are Climbing Today

VLDR stock is joining Luminar and Collective Growth in recent success thanks to its role with LiDAR sensors.

Top SPAC Merger News This Week: Innoviz, Arrival, Luminar, View, QuantumScape, Stem and More

Investors keeping tabs on SPAC merger news have had a lot to absorb this week as more companies choose it as a way to go public.

Innoviz SPAC Merger? 11 Things to Know About Potential LiDAR Play CGRO Stock

CGRO stock is rocketing higher Friday on rumors Collective Growth will take LiDAR company Innoviz Technologies public.

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