5 Best Options Trading Books in India to make money in 2021

Best Options Trading Books: Options trading has become quite popular in India in recent days. When we say options trading the most common thing that comes to our mind is the power to leverage. Leveraging in terms of the Options trading means, the extra power to trade than what the direct value or trade would allow us. 

Formally, the definition of Options Trading is “ It is a derivative instrument that gives the right to option buyer to buy the underlying asset at a pre-decided price from the option seller, on or before expiry.

Pros of options trading are 

  • Options trading can make you higher profits with small investments
  • Huge leveraging power
  • Low risk
  • Can make various/multiple winning strategies

Cons of options trading are 

  • Options Trading required good understanding/knowledge to make a profit
  • High volatility in prices
  • Possibility of losing total capital invested
  • Limited stock option contracts.

Let us now discuss 5 best options trading books in India for 2021

Options Trading: 3 Books in 1 (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Options Trading) 

The Options Trading 3 in 1 Book is our first choice, the publisher of the book is Fintech Publishing. The book helps the beginner to learn about options trading and become pro traders. The book will also help the traders to understand the options trading process, strategies at every market condition, risk related to options trading, common mistakes of options trading, and various advanced tips and tricks that are required for options trading

The Ultimate Options Trading Strategy Guide for Beginners: 

The author of this book is Roji Abraham and it is available in both Kindle as well as paperback. This book is very helpful for beginners who want to learn from scratch about options trading and earn a handsome income consistently every month.

In this book, you will come to learn about the below topics

  • Stock Options in simple terms
  • Types of Options and its common terms used in trading
  • Underlaying principles of options trading with easy examples
  • Basic mistakes made by newcomers and their solutions
  • 6 great profitmaking Option Trading strategies while controlling risk exposure
  • Case studies illustrating the working of each strategy based on actual trades done in NSE 

Systematic Options Trading: Option Greeks, Strategies & Backtesting in Python 

This book is written by Anjana Gupta and co-author Puneet Kanwar. They are well-known faces and having rich experienced in the market. This book is useful for every segment of traders like beginners, traders not know Greeks, and also for advanced traders who want to develop strategy but do not have knowledge about backtesting.

  • The book’s first part covers option Greeks like Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Delta hedging, and Gamma scalping implied volatility and basics of Futures and Options.
  • The second part covers option trading strategies with an example of Nifty/USD INR
  •  The third part covers Python for traders where you will be able to code your own strategy and do backtesting.

You may be interested to buy the stock market book on the Amazon Prime Day Sale on 26th & 27th July 2021. Check out the deal here

How To Make Money Trading Options: Non-Directional Strategies for Income Generation 

The author of this book is Balkrishna M Sadekar, it has both Kindle and paperback editions. In this book, the author explained how to generate regular income through non-directional trading using options.

In this book the author explains:

  • The concept and nature of non-directional options trading
  • It explains why non-directional trading doesn’t require much analysis of charts or price patterns etc.
  • Know to make non-directional options trading strategies
  • How non-directional option trading strategies can easily generate regular monthly income
  • How to fine-tune these strategies to suit our own trading style.

The book will equally give benefits to directional traders also through its easy explanation of popular options strategies of leveraging, hedging, and speculation and even for buying stocks cheaper by using the options strategy.

Definitive Guide to Advanced Options Trading 

This is one of the best books for Options trading if you have basic knowledge about the options. The author of this book is Rohit Katwal and it is available on both paperbacks as well as Kindel editions. This book teaches you to avoid the Big loss and become profitable in the long run.

Some important topics it covered are Direction Analysis, Detailed Analysis of Quantitative Data, optimum position sizing, Options Strategies, and managing them in worst-case scenarios.

These are the top five Option Trading books available in the Amazon book store. If you want to explore other options for trading books you can check here.

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Happy Investing !!

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