We constantly strive to offer you the highest possible level of service, however there may be occasions when you feel you have cause for complaint. When a complaint arises we will endeavor to resolve it to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.

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Our complaint handling process

All complaints will be investigated and responded to by an employee of sufficient competence. This employee will not have been involved in the subject matter of the complaint. They will have sufficient authority (or have access to someone who has authority) to investigate the complaint and offer redress where appropriate.

As a business standard we aim to issue a final response within five business days of receipt of a complaint. Where this is not possible, we will acknowledge the complaint within five business days, to confirm the complaint is being investigated. In the event a final response cannot be issued within four weeks, we will write to you advising on the progress of the investigation. If we cannot respond within eight weeks, we will write to you explaining why we are still unable to issue a final response and when we expect to reply.

To view a copy of our Complaint Handling Procedures Leaflet please click here.

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