“This book is so wittily presented and frequently entertaining, it is only gradually that the reader comes to appreciate fully Frank Buckley’s startling erudition and the perceptiveness of his main points. This is a delightful, as well as provocative, and ultimately engrossing read.” ―Conrad Black, author of A President Like No Other

“Frank Buckley takes us on a wonderful tour around a well-read mind and a cultivated imagination always heading for the next experience around the corner. His voyage of curiosity rambles through literature, art, science, and history so entertainingly that by the time he glimpses harbor . . . you may have circumnavigated the globe, but your curiosity is never exhausted.” ―John O’Sullivan, president of the Danube Institute in Budapest and senior fellow at the National Review Institute

“This is an eloquent paean to a life that embraces uncertainty. Buckley tells it like it is and inspires us to adopt a risk-taking and experimentative orientation toward the future. A must-read for those prepared to embark on a voyage of discovery.”―Frank Furedi, author of How Fear Works: The Culture of Fear in the 21st Century

“In a world of cruelly imposed meaninglessness and technological detachment, Curiosity awakens the soul to mortality, joy, and imagination and invites us to see that although man is a finite being, he has a great capacity to move toward the infinite.” ―Emina Melonic, contributor and critic

“Don’t let the title fool you. This is not a conventional self-help book outlining a path to a fitter, thinner, and richer you but rather a paean to traditional virtues now fallen into desuetude by the soul-corroding power of media and the popular culture – which is no culture at all. Buckley combines an intellectual’s probity and a scholar’s vast referential reach with a compassionate humanism in the service of one overarching goal: to make you a better person. His first rule – don’t make rules – sets the reader on a path to risk-taking, moral courage, steadfastness, originality, and creativity. Which is, after all, the essence of humanity itself.”―Michael Walsh, author of The Devil’s Pleasure Palace, The Fiery Angel, and Last Stands

F.H. Buckley is a Foundation Professor at George Mason University’s Scalia School of Law. He is a frequent media guest and has appeared on Morning Joe, CNN, The Rush Limbaugh Show, C‑SPAN, NPR and numerous other outlets. He is a senior editor at the American Spectator, a columnist for the New York Post, and has written for the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and many other newspapers.

His recent books include The Republic of Virtue (2017); The Way Back: Restoring the Promise of America (2016); and The Once and Future King (2015).

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