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Despite some pretty serious and

highly publicized touchscreen issues that Samsung wasnt able to fix with several different software updates, the

Galaxy S20 FE sold like hotcakes during its first few months of availability both stateside and worldwide.

Not quite affordable enough (at launch) to make our comprehensive list of the

best budget 5G phones around, the Snapdragon 865 powerhouse is getting cheaper and cheaper, especially if you dont have a problem purchasing a carrier-specific model on a device payment plan.

Best Buy, for instance, can hook

AT&T subscribers up with the 128GB storage variant at a grand total of roughly $400 instead of a $700 or so list price. Thats obviously not as compelling as a

free Galaxy S20 FE unit, but odds are this fairly decent deal will last at least a little longer than Verizons crazy attractive steal.

Available in Cloud Navy, Cloud Mint, and Cloud Lavender hues, the discounted

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G can be yours for a very small fee of $11.11 a month for three years with no need to trade anything in or port in an existing phone number from a different carrier.

In case youre wondering, AT&T is still charging the full $19.45 a month itself at the time of this writing, amounting to a whopping $699.99, while the unlocked Galaxy S20 FE 5G version that went down to as little as $479 during the

Prime Day 2021 festivities less than a week ago is also back up to its regular price on Amazon.

Bottom line, youre looking at saving a solid $300 compared to most other retailers at Best Buy right now on an objectively great high-end handset with a smooth 120Hz display in tow, as well as three excellent rear-facing cameras, and a sizable 4,500mAh battery supporting both fast wired and wireless charging technology.

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