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Most of us when we start trading or investing through Zerodha, There are many questions for which we need someone to guide us. One of them is How to Sell T1 Holdings in Zerodha?

However, it’s a discount brokerage firm so you there is no one to guide you. People mostly remain confused with some many terms and processes.


Sometimes after buying shares of any company you might want to sell them on the next day due to some news or other reasons. To do so you might find out how to sell t1 Holdings in Zerodha? In this post we are going to discuss T1 Holding and the process to sell them.

However before that let’s find out what is T1 holding in Zerodha?

What is T1 Holding in Zerodha?

The T1 symbol in your Zerodha’s Kite website and App represents shares you’ve bought but haven’t yet forwarded to your Demat account. On Indian exchanges, we have a T+2 settlement timeline.

Equities you buy on T day (Business Day) do not settle in your Demat account before T+2 day (48 Hours). As an outcome, even if you purchase a stock, you won’t be able to claim ownership of the entire stock quantity until T+2 Day.

T1 Holding in Zerodha

If you wish to sell T1 Holding in Zerodha, you can use the BTST option, which stands for “Buy Today Sell Tomorrow.” You can use the CNC option to put a sell order to trade T1 Holding in Zerodha.

However, many other Brokerage firms don’t allow you to sell your T1 Stocks but Zerodha allow people to do it. Let’s Discuss the process of How to sell T1 Holdings in Zerodha?

Process to sell T1 Holding


  • Login to your Zerodha account on Kite Web or App.
  • You can see your T1 holding with other holdings.
  • To sell these Shares you just need to click on three dots which you can find near to the stock name as it shown in the above picture.
  • After clicking the dots there will be an option to Exit.
  • You just need to click the exit and your securities will be sold after you authorize them though CDSL pin and code you receive from CDSL by SMS or Email.

Selling Charges for T1 holding

According to the official website of Zerodha, There is no extra fee to sell the T1 Holding. You just need to pay a regular fee which you pay for intraday trade.

However, in some rare cases if shortfall happens due to your t1 sell order the exchange might charge your 20% penalty. This mostly happens in In-liquid stocks. So be careful if you are selling your t1 holding in a in-liquid stock


People mostly don’t sell T1 holdings due to fear of Penalty and somewhere it is true. However, Zerodha offers a option of BTST(Buy Today sell Tomorrow) which allows users to sell their T1 Holdings without any issues in most of the cases.

We hope we are able to explain How to Sell T1 Holdings in Zerodha? Now you know how to sell T1 Holdings in Zerodha? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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Where i Can find my T1 Holdings in Zerodha?

You can find you T1 holdings in Holding Section.

Is there any penalty to Sell T1 Holding?

Yes, There is Penalty in Some rare cases due to Shortfall.

can we sell cnc on same day in zerodha?

Yes, You can Sell it directly or you can convert in it in MIS order as well to reduce the charges.

Is it allowed to do STBT in Zerodha?

No, Zerodha or not even any other brokerage in India allow STBT(Sell Today Buy Tomorrow) Trade.

Can i sell t1 holdings in upstox?

Yes, you can sell your T1 Holding in Upstox.

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