Ultra Fast Real Time Data Feed in Meta Trader 4 (MT4) for MCX, NSE, NCDEX, FOREX

Provides the best in the industry 100% Accurate real-time tick by tick data in NSE, MCX, NCDEX, FOREX and SPOT Gold & SILVER with best rates in India to power your technical analysis software


Be a Successful Trader with Professional Technical Analysis Software in MCX, NSE, FOREX

V-chart India provides you real-time tick data in Metatrader 4 loaded with Technical Analysis Indicators that every trader need to make consistent profit from Trading


Earn Regular Profit from Your Trading with Perfect Technical Analysis BUY SELL Signal Software

Your Trading Partner helps you Trade like professionals with high quality technical analysis and generate your own BUY SELL signals with Targets


Meta Trader 4 (MT4) Real Time data in MCX, NSE, NCDEX, FOREX with attractive rates

Become a Professional Technical Analyst now easy in Indian Commodity / Currency / Stock Market Segments under MCX, NSE, NCDEX, MCX SX and FOREX International markets with V-Chart, Indias  best performing and 100% accurate real-time tick by tick data in Meta Trader 4 (MT4) directly from high speed SERVER without any delay. A professionally qualified technical analyst has the ability to make consistent profit from trading with less risk, he will be always in winning side. So take your next step towards a professionally qualified technical analyst with the support of V-Chart Indias world class best performing charting software.

We offer real time data in MCX, NSE, NCDEX, MCX SX along with FOREX International Currency Pair live feeds FREE of cost in attractive rates for Meta Trader 4 (MT4) terminal loaded with FREE technical analysis indicators that most of traders are using in common for their technical analysis. Apart from these free inbuilt indicators, you have the options to avail our  professionally programmed and performance proven Buy Sell Signal Generating Trading Systems FREE / PAID.


Attractive Rates for MCX, NSE, NCDEX

We are committed to deliver world class real-time data execution software with attractive rates that helps Traders in India to reduce their expenses in trading MCX, NSE, NCDEX and help them to make maximum profit. We provide FOREX & SPOT data free of cost with Indian real time data feeds.


Ultra Fast Real Time Data Updates

The data comes from high end dedicated server with premium specs helps the trader gets the best in industry real time tick by tick data in Meta Trader 4. Our data pack includes Indian Commodity, Currency and Stock markets like MCX, NSE, NCDEX, MCX SX, along with free FOREX.


FREE and PAID Trading Systems

The data terminal Meta Trader 4 loaded with different types of inbuilt indicators for your technical analysis and apart from that we offer professionally programmed Trading Systems with proven performance track records which will be available to you FREE or PAID with offer rates.


Quick Settings & Fast Support

As we are traders, we know the important of time while in Trading, considering this we provide best in class customer support live chat facility. We provide easy to understand quick setting tutorials that helps even fresher can be a professional technical analyst in no time without any complexity.

Technical Analysis in MCX, NSE, NCDEX & FOREX

Become a Successful Technical Analyst

Making regular income from trading in Commodity/ Currency / Stock market need professional approach. Technical Analysis is a way to find the trend with strong support and resistance level by using technical data both in real time and history. The software equipped with plenty of technical analysis indicators free of cost, even a new comer can start to learn Technical Analysis and become a professional successful trader in short time. Other than the common technical analysis indicators that available in software freely, we are providing custom programmed technical analysis system that has proven performance under FREE and PAID category.


Be a professional technical analyst in MCX, NSE, NCDEX & FOREX Markets

Real Time Data in Meta Trader 4 (MT4) Available in


Commodity Data in MT4

Our real time data feed includes two contracts (Running & Next Expiry) from MCX & NCDEX markets under Commodity Segments.


Stock/Share Data in MT4

Currently our real time data feeds under Stock Market segments provides RT data in NSE Stocks, NSE Futures and NSE Options (NIFTY & BANK NIFTY). All the major scrips available under Stock Market Segments.



Free Trading Systems

V-Chart India, is a an initiative of group of professional traders having more than a decades experience in MCX, NSE and FOREX markets. We have our own trading system for different purpose, some of them are complimentary with our real time data.


Paid Trading Systems

We have tied up with some major technical analysis software provider in Meta Trader 4, and we are giving those Trading System along with our real-time data with an OFFER PRICE.

Total Paid Clients
Scrips Available
Inbuilt Indicators
Recurring Clients
Trade Like Professionals

Become an expert and make regular income from trading in MCX, NSE, NCDEX & FOREX markets with a perfect technical analysis software.


The common questions you might have in your mind

I am a fresher in trading, whether this will help for me?

Sure, Meta Trader 4 is an easy to use globalized and famous charting platform has most of key inbuilt indicators available freely. With the help of our real-data ultra speed data in MCX, NSE, NCDEX, FOREX & BITCOIN, even a new comer in trading can become a professional technical analyst to make regular income from trading in Commodity / Currency /  Stock market segments without any expertise.

Meta Trader 4 (MT4) is an easy to use and understand charting platform helps you make a winner in trading

  • More than 50 free inbuilt indicators

  • One software can use in all segments

  • Multiple charts can be open at a time

What is the important of real-time data in Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis is a prediction of future movements with the support of technical indicators or custom programmed indicators by using real time data especially in day trading. In day trading we need same tick by tick price in our technical analysis software like the trading terminals (NEST, ODIN, PI, etc), then only we will get accurate entry points in time. If its delayed data you will not get timely entry and this will lead to total loss in your trading. Following factors must need for a high performing Technical Analysis Software:

  • Updating tick by tick real-time data

  • Options that can easy to use

  • Easy to load multiple charts at a time

  • Timely entry and exit from trading

  • Facility of Alert message with sound

  • User of multiple indicators in one chart

What is Meta Trader 4 or MT4 means?

Meta Trader 4 or MT4 is a world renowned trading and charting platform using by more than 75% of FOREX traders in the world. We are using this platforms charting facility with many futures in our Technical Analysis,. We need real-time server data in MT4 to perform technical analysis in Indian Markets.

  • Loaded with 50+ free indicators

    MT4 terminal loaded with 50+ free indicators that ever trader need in his technical analysis.

  • Ease in use & handling

    MT4 platform can easily use without any technical knowledge, even a new comer in trading can familiar with in an hour of use.

What are technical indicators means?

Technical indicators are purely a programmed pack with by using history and real time data, using different values and calculations and give results about current and future prediction in selected Stocks/Commodity/Currency.

Technical Indicators available in two category in Meta trader 4 (MT4), Inbuilt free indicators are commonly using for specific needs like RSI, MOVING AVERAGE, OSCILLATORS, STOCHASTIC, etc are some of them.

The second category is customized Indicators, customized indicators means with the help of a programmer a trader can create his own strategy to perform a successful technical analysis for timely BUY / SELL entries and Exits.

How do I install MT4 terminal and connect to the data server?

As we discussed before, Meta Trader 4 (MT4) terminal is easy to use like any other application that we use daily like Word & EXCEL. No need of any technical knowledge to configure the server connection for real-time data feeds.

The below video provides step by step instruction about how to install MT4 terminal and connect to the data server for real-time:


Watch the video of instruction

Whether you provide your own custom programmed trading systems free?

The answer is partially YES, because some of our trading systems that we designed early now available free of cost with our real time data. But some of our trading systems are under premium segments, and this will be available with extra payment.

We try our best to give our premium segment trading systems available to our Real-Time data clients with better OFFER.

Kindly visit our Pricing Page to know more about the pricing structure or get in touch with our support team to know more about our FREE and PAID trading systems


Symbol List & Trading Systems

List of our market watch shows over 1500 instruments real time data included in our Meta Trader 4 data feed server including NSE, MCX, NCDEX, MCX SX, FOREX, COMEX, BITCOIN and FOREX data in one terminal with less price.

  • Ready to use

    We have designed our custom trading systems  ready to use along with real-time data. You dont need to be a programmer to use this customized trading system for your technical analysis success.

  • Buy Sell Signals 

    All our customized trading systems programmed to easily understand by a trader by proper graphical display in chart and prompt alert message and sound when signal generates.

Download the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) Now!

Once downloaded the terminal contact us for live demo ID and Password for one day trial to check the accuracy of our real time data feeds in MCX, NSE, NCDEX, MCX SX, COMEX, BITCOIN and FOREX

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