Bangladesh gold rate per gram, per ounce and per tola. Latest current gold price per gram 24k,22k,18k,14,10k today in Bangladesh at Bangladesh

Bangladesh Gold Price | 24-hour gold rate live provides gold price today in Bangladesh. Gold rates per gram 24,22,18,14,10,6 carat; gold price per ounce and gold price per tola.

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Today: 31 August 2021 Gold Price in Bangladesh gold


gold GRAMS BangladeshGold Price per Gram [BDT]
in Bangladeshi taka
1 GRAM GOLD 24K4,976.774,986.104,961.2814.33
GRAM 22K 4,568.684,577.244,554.4613.15
GRAM 21K 4,354.684,362.844,341.1212.53
GRAM 18K3,732.583,739.573,720.9610.74
GRAM 14K2,911.412,916.872,902.358.38
GRAM 10K2,075.312,079.202,068.855.97
GRAM 6K1,244.191,246.521,240.323.58


gold OUNCES Bangladesh Gold Price per Ounce [BDT]
in Bangladeshi taka
1 OUNCE 24K154,777.68155,067.67154,295.85445.52
OUNCE 22K 142,085.91142,352.12141,643.59408.99
OUNCE 21K 135,430.47135,684.21135,008.87389.83
OUNCE 18K116,083.26116,300.75115,721.89334.14
OUNCE 14K90,544.9490,714.5890,263.07260.63
OUNCE 10K64,542.2964,663.2264,341.37185.78
OUNCE 6K38,694.4238,766.9238,573.96111.38


gold KILOS Bangladesh Gold Price per Kg [BDT]
in Bangladeshi taka
1 KILOGRAM GOLD 24K4,976,774.374,986,098.584,961,281.3514,325.41
KILOGRAM 22K 4,568,678.874,577,238.504,554,456.2813,150.73
KILOGRAM 18K3,732,580.783,739,573.943,720,961.0110,744.06
KILOGRAM 14K2,911,413.012,916,867.672,902,349.598,380.37
KILOGRAM 10K2,075,314.912,079,203.112,068,854.325,973.70
KILOGRAM 6K1,244,193.591,246,524.651,240,320.343,581.35


gold TOLAS Bangladesh Gold Price per Tola [BDT]
in Bangladeshi taka
1 TOLA GOLD 24K58,048.1058,156.8657,867.39167.09
TOLA 22K 53,288.1653,387.9953,122.27153.39
TOLA 18K43,536.0843,617.6443,400.55125.32
TOLA 14K33,958.1434,021.7633,852.4397.75
TOLA 10K24,206.0624,251.4124,130.7069.68
TOLA 6K14,512.0314,539.2114,466.8541.77

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