Hitting tumors

at their

Achilles heel

Our Focus

Eisbach develops novel medicines that target chromatin regulatory mechanisms essential to tumors.

Our novel targets and best-in-class drug discovery allow us to develop a pipeline of impactful medicines.

Our Science

A Bold Approach

A tumors genome constantly evolves. This makes tumors incredibly difficult to target.
We identified the engines that drive all genome rearrangements in tumors.
Our unique screening and cellular platforms are generating first-in-class inhibitors that allow us to directly target the key vulnerability present in genetically-defined tumors.

Our Clinical Goal

Treating Smartly

Specific tumors have specific biological requirements.
Our targets are essential in these genetically-defined tumors.
Our inhibitors thus target tumor cells in a highly specific and personalised manner.
By leveraging epigenetic mechanisms, we can now address unmet clinical needs.

We strive for better cures

Now is the time to leverage
the power of genomics
to develop the right drugs
for the right patients.

Tumor AI

Tumors harbor genetic fingerprints that reveal their Achilles heel

Best assays

Physiological assays identify drugs that hit this weak spot

Patient choice

Highly-specific drugs
for defined patient populations

Our Management Team

In our team we combine proprietary scientific knowledge of our target enzymes, in-depth understanding of drug discovery and broad executive experience


Adrian Schomburg


Adrian Schomburg, PhD, is a drug discovery expert with over 10 years of experience in pharma and biotech. He moved projects successfully through drug discovery - from target identification to the delivery of preclinical and development candidates. In his former roles at Pfizer and Proteros, he kick-started collaborative R&D projects in epigenetics with big pharma.


Andreas Ladurner


Prof. Andreas Ladurner, PhD, is a globally recognized expert in chromatin biology and metabolism. His pioneering discoveries include the discovery of bromodomain and macrodomain function, including the allosteric regulation of key epigenetic enzymes. He is Chair and Full Professor of Physiological Chemistry at the LMU in Munich.

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Winner of the EIT Health Germany Headstart Awards 2019

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Eisbach is now eligible for the INVEST funding programme of the BMWi.


Moved into incubator lab space at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich


1st Prize Winner of the BioM Bio Entrepreneur Boot Camp 2018

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