Not gonna be a hater and blame this date site if every chick Im into doesnt pan out. I admit sometimes my game is on point more times than others, and Im probably not that attractive physically in the traditional sense... Thats kind of the point on a site like this though, isnt it? Looks shouldnt matter as much maybe and perhaps factors that may not make me attractive to a woman for a traditional relationship dont matter as much for an arrangement on sites like this, but from my experience it does matter to some girls here and they dont necessarily jump at any chance to meet a guy like me. I have noticed if I play my cards right, and put my best game face on, I do have a better chance in scoring here. I try to be thoughtful, witty, charming, or whatever...I certainly dont go pervy on them which usually always is a game killer. honestly, I dont hit a homerun as often as I like, yet my batting average here has certainly been better than most any other site Ive tried to date. Probably because Ive got better at this online dating thing and Im sure the girls are a bit more forgiving here as well. In any case I would say its worth a shot. Maybe not for everyone but I cant disagree more with the few here that thinks its a scam because they cant manage to score the way they would like. Ive personally arranged to see at least a dozen if not more women from this site and they all turned up and were the women they appeared to be on their profile. Best of luck.

Been meeting some cool dudes. Sure as heck beats dating immature dudes my age that cant hold a convo and waits to see if Im gonna grab the check.

As many other posters have already noted, there seem to be a number of fake profiles on this site. For the first week or so my In-box filled up every day even though there isnt much info or a recognizable pic in my profile. At least 90% if not all of those girls making the first move by writing seem to be fake. The message is usually something very brief and banal (Hey, how are you? style) - just enough for the guy to spend 10 credits to able to open the message. If you then reply to these, no matter if its a few words, an essay or anything in between, chances are you wont get any response! And that even though some of those girls are clearly online every day. Another thing to watch out for: Anyone who sends you a message or a like without ever having visited your profile, is most likely fake. Looking at the couple positive reviews here on, these appear suspiciously verbose and read like out of a marketing brochure. All that being said, there are in fact some real and serious girls on this site, but those usually arent the ones sending you a message right away (dont waste your credits on those). Last but not least, it seems there are quite a few more men on this site than (real!) women, suggested by the fact that two girls I communicated with told me they were overwhelmed with responses.

I found a keeper. She ticks off all of the boxes for what I find to be most important to me in a partner. Shes beautiful, doesnt judge me, loves to laugh, has a beautiful spirit, has dreams, an upbeat attitude, and shares the same values as me. We do have a bit of an age gap, but I dont think either of us care or notice really. All that really matters is that we are happy. Weve been spending a lot more time lately at my place and are talking about her moving in with me. It will be a big step for both of us but I honestly couldnt imagine being with anyone else. We took our profiles down from the site recently, and I would just like to thank Secretbenefits for helping bring us together!

They want to meet but I don’t want to go out in this Pandemic

I just opened a profile on Secret Benefits 2 weeks ago. Im a young single mom and I am so ready to meet a real man that can hold his own and make me feel comforted that he has my back. Maybe Im hopeful, but I think I have found a really great guy here. Weve been chatting everyday all day since right after I joined. He contacted me and just said all the right things. Hes very handsome for a guy thats 11 years older than me, enjoys a lot of the same things, and goes to a lot of my favorite places to eat and hang out. He was also gracious enough to verify his profile for me today. Im cautious as I always am but everything is giving me a lot of hope and joy that I may have really found Mr. Right. We cant wait to get the chance to meet in person and see if the chemistry is as strong as its been online. ❤️❤️

Curious to see if my experience using Secret Benefits was similar to others here. Course there are the same kind of complainers as I have noticed on all of the dating sites Ive checked out. Some people just need to get a grip and realize its more likely them and not the service. If you dont have game, online dating may not be what you need to focus on. Anyways, nice to see there have been a lot of good experiences too. In turn, Im happy to share how using Secret Benefits has worked for me as well. For whatever its worth... Ive been on the site for about a year now. I believe I joined around my Bday in Feb of 19. There have been a lot more gals joining since I first signed up which was one of my complaints here since there were not as many women as I had liked to choose from before. Since they have attracted a lot more women to the site, Ive been on more frequently. I also expanded my search to other nearby cities. I personally like to date around and so a good variety is always nice to pick from. Theyve managed to keep the site simple and effective. Really intuitive to use. No issues with users yet. I have not had contact with their customer support so not sure how good that is. Chat feature works well. Site speed is good. Some women Ive dated have lasted longer than others. To be honest, Im really particular with who Im attracted to and not many make it past the 1st or 2nd date. Ive also been ghosted a couple times, so clearly, it can go either way. I have noticed a lot of new faces lately which may be because everyone is stuck at home and many have lost jobs and maybe looking for a partner that wants to help support, but either way it works better for me. As I said, Im not looking for a LTR, but I do enjoy spoiling women I date and certainly enjoy upscale vacations as much as my dates do. Hopefully, my good luck here keeps up and the lock down starts to get lifted. I love my home, and my dog is a good pal, but Im ready to get back out there and enjoy life to its fullest with beautiful women, great food, and amazing locations. Best of luck to all and stay safe out there.

This is a scam. My inbox is completely full everyday and I write back and have yet to have one person respond. I figured let me give it a few tries and see nothing.

Its a sugar daddy website and yet UK men are not being generous with their money. Too many people treating it like a regular dating site, even though it clearly states what it is. To answer someones question, women do not receive payment for messaging the men on the site.

Secret Benefits is where successful business men or rich men go to meet and make an financial arrangement with a possible girlfriend. However, these sugar daddies appear to be time wasters, who are simply looking to chat because they are lonely, or meet for a couple dates in the hope of getting free kisses or something. I have had plenty of attention as a sugar baby, but where are all the real sugar daddies that are going to offer you sugar? That is the point of this site afterall, otherwise, why dont these guys just go to a sex site? The site is free for sugar babies, but to weed out the time wasters and jokers, the women should be charged a small fee to register.

Its entertaining. Straight forward and easy to navigate. Maybe sad to say, but I aint got much else to do but check out hit chicks and strike up some flirty convos. I dont see whats not to like unless this kind of date site is not your thing, or you just dont know what your doing.

I signed up for an account on about 10 days ago. Clicked on an ad for them mostly out of boredom and some curiosity I guess. Ive been stuck at home like most people for over a month now and so I have been getting cabin fever and genuinely lonely feeling. I admit I technically have a GF but Ive barely heard from her lately so whats a guy to do? Anyway, signed up on this site, very easy process, maybe took 5 minutes. They let you start searching profiles right away. You get full access aside from the women that hide their pics and vids which I did notice a bunch. Lots of women in my city. Plenty of hotties for sure. I did have a few of them check out my profile and favorite me and I did get one interesting message from a girl that wasnt necessarily my type but cute in her own right. After a couple of days of looking I picked up a small credit package (10 creds open unlimited messaging with whoever you choose to message, not bad at all IMO). There are a few crazy hot babes that just ticked off all my boxes that I really want to test the waters with. I messaged 3 women I have my eye on about a week ago and 2 wrote me back the same day. Nothing back from the 3rd chick yet... The 2 that have got back to me have been very talkative and flirtatious. Were all in the same boat, and clearly have a lot of time on our hands. Of course, no meetups in person yet but I think its very promising with both of them once things return to some normalcy. Not sure how and when Im gonna break it to my GF, but if either of these other women work out... Well, it will be no contest. That all said, I vouch that in my experience has held up their end of the bargain and I do recommend checking it out.

IDK, maybe I have too much time on my hands, but the women Ive been chatting up must too because we are having way way too much fun going back and fourth. I can hardly get anything done. Addicted in a way because when I get offline I just think about the next messages Im going to get back. Hell, if your looking to burn some time with hotties I would say go for it. Hooking it up for the chicks Im at it with is no sweat and they have been happy to keep me entertained in all kinds of ways.

I have found from my time on several of these upscale arrangement dating websites that SB is currently the most popular and active out of the lot. There are a lot of good looking women with profiles in my search range, and I have had well over a dozen great dates including several ongoing relationships. No date site in my opinion is perfect and I am sure not everyone will be successful for various reasons, but if you know how to conduct yourself on these sites and keep it classy and upbeat you should have great chances. *Tip: get your profile verified on the site. It was a game changer in my response rate.

I agree with many of the opinions posted here on Secret Benefits. I was personally sceptical I would find anyone here based on my past experience with finding someone online. Real chemistry just can not be determined via some dating website so until I meet someone in person, I stay reserved and do not let my heart open up. I have admittingly, been devastated from high expectations in the past. That said, I have met a young lady from this site that truly has revived my spirit and faith in finding someone very special from an online dating service. Her name is Arati, and she is absolutely stunning, smart, classy, and we have great chemistry. We have been in a serious relationship for 5 months now, and I feel we are ready to take it to the next level. My life has been transformed in the best possible way. For any others wondering about this service, I can proudly attest that Secret Benefits provides a great service and finding true love is certainly possible. Many thanks.

I would like to give credit where credit is due here. Ive dated women off of dating websites for near 20 years. The ones that worked out have all kind of peaked and dropped off as far as maintaining quality women on their sites. For the past 2 years, Ive been using and aside from being stood up once and caught in a long back and forth with another that led no where, the other women Ive met have been outstanding. Its also wonderful that I can find someone to date and if it doesnt work out for whatever reason I can go back to the website and know I wasnt paying for a monthly fee and my profile I worked so hard on is still up, credits still in my account, and there are even more women to choose from. I hope they are able to keep it up and wholeheartedly give them 2 thumbs up for my good experience thus far with this service.

Totally get that not everyones experience on here will not be the same. For me, personally, Im enjoying using SecretBenefits. There are lots of mens profiles within an hours trip and so far, they have been complete gentlemen. I probably get 3-4 messages a week right now, and out of those I will find at least 1 to be exceptional. Its understood on my profile that Im just looking for casual dating and that has been respected by the men I choose to go out with. At the moment, things have kinda slowed down as far as going out with everything going on, but Im still enjoying the conversations and arranging future dates.

Expect to get what you put out in effort. No one is gonna land in your lap. At least thats my experience. Not really an issue for me cuz theres plenty of game on the site and I love the thrill of the hunt. ;)

Pretty fun shooting the hay with dudes. Secret Benefits has all kinds of dudes. Most are like in their 40s. Fine by me as long as they can support. At least older guys are confident and know what they want. Most of the dudes Im chatting with are out of state. They all want to pay for me to visit but laying low for now... I also love the site is free and they seem to keep posers out.

After I signed up to see what Secretbenefits had to offer, I took the time to set up a good profile that hopefully would attract women to contacting me. I didnt get much attention, so I spent time looking over women with my desired filters. There was a handful of attractive ladies of interest. What was nice is the site didnt ask me for any payment info to do these things so it was practically like a free trial. After kicking the tires for a couple weeks I decided to go for it and messaged my top pick. To my surprise, she messaged me back a day later. We have really been hitting it off chatting for the past couple weeks. The frustrating part is we want to meet in person but are both hesitant to meet because of the Corona...we are not sick but we are not sure if we should... anyone else going through this?

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