Gold Bars Overview

If you are looking to invest in gold bullion or add to existing holdings, gold bars may be one of the most cost-efficient ways to gain more total ounces of gold for your investment dollars. Gold bars come in many different shapes, sizes and weights, and are produced by many of the world’s top mints and refiners. Because gold bars can be produced in large quantities and carry no face value, gold bars may carry smaller premiums when compared to gold coins. If you are only concerned with getting as many total ounces of gold as possible, then gold bars may be the best choice.

Gold bars come in different purities as well, and certain gold bars that are 999.9 percent fine gold may potentially be eligible for purchase within an IRA account. Of course, you should your tax professional about eligibility and rules before making any purchases for an IRA account.

Although 1 ounce gold bars remain one of the most popular weights, gold bars are also available in many smaller sizes, making them relatively more affordable for smaller investors or those on a tight budget. Some of the smaller gold bar weights available today include:

  • 1 gram

  • 2.5 gram

  • 5 gram

  • 10 gram

  • 20 gram

Bars also come in gram denominations that are larger than a single ounce such as 50 gram, 100 gram and 250 gram weights. Bars can also get significantly larger than the 1 ounce weight, and are available in 10 ounce, 1 kilo and even 400 ounce weights.

One of the most convenient aspects of gold bars is their stackability. Smaller gold bars, in particular, can be stored in a home safe, a bank safe deposit box or the depository of your choice.

Some gold bars come with the added benefit of an assay card and/or assayer’s mark on the bar. An assay card provides the buyer further evidence of the bar’s metal content and purity. In addition, many gold bars come with a unique serial number inscribed on the bar that can be used to verify authenticity.

Gold bars come in two very distinct styles: minted bars and cast bars. Minted gold bars are produced by taking blank gold bars and then stamping them with the designs and inscriptions. These gold bars typically have a sleek and smooth finish with a bright shine. Cast bars, on the other hand, are produced by pouring liquid gold into molds. These bars then have the necessary engravings done. Markings and designs on cast bars are typically simpler than minted bars, and the bars have a rugged appearance. No two cast bars are exactly the same due to the fabrication process. Cast bars may potentially carry lower premiums compared to minted bars, as the production process is faster and cheaper.

Whatever gold bars you choose, these products provide a means for acquiring gold bullion with ease and convenience. In fact, you can order gold bars from numerous online dealers and expect them to be delivered to your doorstep within a matter of days.

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