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Ive worked with Blue Chip for quite some time. Its been great watching this company grow and continue to improve. It seems like every year the people here are becoming better versions of themselves and getting better at what they do. The company runs contests and promotion and has bonus programs as well as solid benefits. I enjoy coming to work everyday.


People focused business


Growth requires change

Great work place

Here at Blue Chip they strive on building leaders. Every week they set goals and help you accomplish them whether its a work goal or a personal goal. Everyone works as a family and interact with respect !

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Like family

Love this company. They want to see you grow and provide the tools to do so. Family like atmosphere that you wouldnt get with another company. I have learned many useful skills when it comes to QuickBooks and organization. Attention to detail is key to success in this role.

Bcm family

I love working for Blue Chip, it really feels like we are a family. ive been with the company almost 3 years and we just continue to get stronger. we have 4 pillars of Blue Chip which we follow and help us to always strive for excellence.

Good Job

The job, employees, and atmosphere is great. The tech team is great and the setup for them is the best Ive seen. The internal teams really care about each other and the techs out in the field. The hardest part of the job is working every day. The best part is the team. They are all amazing.

Honest Feedback

Overall the work is great and the employees are fantastic and great to work with. The issues are the pay is not fair to all (some are paid for working weekends and some are not) and they require you to work 6 days a week minimum.


My first week was very welcoming to the point where I got comfortable working there in no time at all. Almost 3 months in and I truly do not mind coming into work every day

Beast Mode

A place where Leaders are born and raised up. A family environment that will allow the hours to breeze while working surrounded by competent and helpful co workers. The infrastructure of this company testifies to its constant growth and market gain.

Amazing Company

Blue Chip Maintenance is an amazing company to work for. They truly care for you as a person, they will help you grow as they always say youre either green and growing or brown and dying Always pushing you to become the best version of yourself and will work with you to grow you into a leader.

Account Manager

Great place to be. Company is behind their employees and supports in many ways. Benefits are great, environment is fun and fast paced. If you want to cut corners this isnt the place for you.

Built to Last

This company is built to last, Even during Covid-19 we were working, got raises and bonuses. It takes hard work, consistency and organization. Honestly if working hard is an issue, you probably do not contribute to society in a positive way anyways, so this isnt the job for you.


Blue Chip maintenance is an amazing company with lots of opportunities for success. It is a fairly new company that has been built on a sturdy foundation which allows it to grow successfully with accountability and training for its employees. I highly recommend a career here at this family oriented company

Work hard, reap benefits

If you are ready to work hard you will reap rewards with this company and grow into a better version of yourself. The management will help in every step of the way as long as you show effort and a willingness to better yourself. Great culture, great people, great company.

Task Oriented

Company is really great when I started over a year a ago. The work has been good to me. I have gotten to do alot of different kinds of tasks during this time. I have accumulated a variety of tools and equipment during my time here. I like the family environment.


tool borrowing account


alot of bail poor dessions out the job is messed up we need it fixed

This company is a joke

The company is a joke, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go work for them, the pay isn’t worth the high school drama that goes into that company. It’s too stressful and not enough pay.

Very flexible hours, very friendly management

Everything is through your cell phone. You dont meet your bosses (youll have several bosses fyi). You are expected to thouroghly document all work and issues with pictures you take on your phone. Great opportunity for someone who dont mind driving more than working.

we are indipendent contractor

we are given a standard time frame to get a job completed in the field. If more time is needed, we need to contact our Project Manager. Who will request for additional time.


not doing the same job day after day.


many time the scope of the work is wrong.

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