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  4. Precious Metals

    1. Silver

      Discuss anything SILVER related here, bullion, rounds, coins, numismatics, allocated accounts etc

    2. Gold

      Discuss anything GOLD related here, bullion, rounds, coins, numismatics, allocated accounts etc

    3. Platinum

      Discuss anything PLATINUM related here, bullion, rounds, coins, numismatics, allocated accounts etc

    4. General Precious Metals

      If its not gold, silver or platinum but precious, i.e. palladium, rhodium etc or if its a topic about multiple precious metals at the same time. discuss here.
      Note that topics comparing different precious metals should be posted in this section.

    5. Photo Only Topics

      No comments. Just beautiful photos shared by our members for your viewing pleasure. 

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      Links to the video tab, please share any interesting videos you find on YouTube by adding them to the video section on TSF.

  5. Official Sponsors Sub forums & Dealer Sub forums

    1. Arshimo2012 (UK)

      Offers from Official Sponsor Arshimo. Arshimo has many great precious metals items for sale at great prices, his listings are hidden to standard members for the first three (3) days and usually sell well within this time. Premium Members can see trade listings immediately. 

    2. BackyardBullion (UK)

      Offers and hand poured silver from Official Sponsor BackyardBullion

    3. Bargain Numismatics (UK)

      Offers from Official Sponsor @ilovesilverireallydo trading as Bargain Numismatics. Specialising in collectible coins and precious metals.

    4. Bleyer Bullion (UK)

      Offers and Articles from Official Sponsor Bleyer Bullion

    5. Coins of The Realm (UK)

      Official Sponsor & Offical TSF UK NGC Grading Partner. Online Auction house for Precious Metals. Discussions on items in their latest auctions. TSFs Official NGC UK Grading Partner. Exclusive The Silver Forum branded NGC label available when grading with COR. Exclusive offers for all Premium Members with higher offers for top tier Premium Members. Worldwide shipping. 

    6. Chards (UK)

      Offers from Official Sponsor Chards. All member groups.

    7. Chards (UK) - (Offers for Platinum Premium Members)

      Exclusive offers for Platinum Premium Members only, from Official Sponsor Chards 

    8. Morezone (UK)

      Offers from forum Senior Moderator Morezone

    9. Power Coin (Italy)

      Offers from Official Sponsor PowerCoin. Worldwide shipping.

    10. Rosland Gold (Germany)

      Offers from Official Sponsor Rosland Gold (Germany)

    11. SVcollector (Greece)

      Offers from Official Sponsor SVcollector. Worldwide shipping.

  6. Non precious metals

    1. Personal Finance / Other Investments

      (Only Premium Members are able to post in this section) Use this section to discuss personal finance or other investment ideas. For trading/invest in the Stock Market and Forex please use the dedicated General Market Trading Discussions section.

    2. Non Precious Metal Coins / Base Metal Coins

      Discuss non precious metal and base metal coins. Wether you are an avid collector or you just have a few, please share your photos and information here.

    3. All other non PM related discussions

      (Only Premium Members are able to view the content and post in this section) Discuss anything else non PM related in here, economics, politics, non-pm antiques, silver plate, the weather, what you had for breakfast etc... this section should also be used for topics relating to precious metals but that also cover politics or other non PM subjects in the same topic. 

  7. Trading the (financial) Markets

    1. Interactive Trading

      (Only Premium Members are able to post in this section) Live trading Precious Metals and Forex, Technical and Fundamental Analysis, intraday and long term trades, potential trading set ups and management of ongoing trades.

    2. General Market Trading Discussions

      (Only Premium Members are able to post in this section) Use this section for general discussions about trading the financial markets, e.g. Trading Systems, Price action, Chart patterns, Platform providers, Brokers, Risk Management, beginners questions and financial markets / stock markets trading in general.

  8. Buy, Sell & Trade

    1. Rest of the world

      Buy, sell or swap your precious metals. This section is for PM located outside of UK & Europe, US & Canada, Australia & New Zealand. Both graded and ungraded precious metals can be listed in this section. Please indicate which country you are shipping from, and which you will ship to in your thread. If you only wish to sell to buyers within your own country, this is also fine to list here but please state this. Also can be used for International wanted requests.

    2. Coin Accessories - capsules & cases etc (All countries)

      Buy, sell or swap your coin capsules, coin flips, cases, coin tubes, empty monster boxes, coin boxes, gloves, PM verifiers and all precious metals related accessories. This section is for items located in any country. Please indicate which country you are shipping from in your thread.

    3. All non PM items for sale (All countries)

      Buy, sell or swap your non-precious metals items. This section is for non-PM items located in any country. Please indicate which country you are shipping from in your thread. illegal/contraband items will be removed. (for PM related accessories please use the coin capsules & cases etc section above)

  9. The Silver Forum - Updates & more

    1. Welcome new members

      New to the forum? Introduce yourself here by starting a new topic in this section. Please also welcome new members to the forum :)

    2. Prize Draws & Competitions

      Competitions - you have to be in it to win it ;) The winners of prize draws will be announced in topics in this section, please do use this topics to congratulate the winners! We also have ad hoc competitions as well as occasional trading incentives to add some fun for those who choose to buy & sell on The Silver Forum. 

    3. User Guides

      Guides on how to get the best out of The Silver Forum. How to use different feature and tips and tricks (including screenshots) As well as some helpful precious metals guides for new collectors/stackers.

    4. Questions on using the forum

      Use this section for questions you have on how to use the forum (For forum support please instead post in the Forum Support section) Note that this is for questions relating to the forum itself, e.g. how to use a particular section. For those wishing to ask general precious metals questions please use the other forums. Members wishing to make suggestions on how to improve TSF are invited to purchase Platinum Premium Membership and to post your suggestions in the Platinum Lounge here, where ideas can be discussed. 

    5. Additional Important Info, Rules & Guidelines

      Additional Important forum Information can be found here, including additional information on Rules & Guidelines, Trading and Warning Points system. Note the information in this section is in addition to the Forum Terms & Conditions 
      Topics here are in an announcement style and therefore closed for replies, you can however use the reaction feature on topics in this section.

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